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LG: The Future of Home through ThinQ!

LG: Future of Home through ThinQ! 

Who among you have daydreamed back in the old days of a home that "listens" to your commands, does the household chores based on schedule, and automatically adjusts the settings of appliances based on the condition or time of the day? A home that seems to have a life of its own to make our stay even more convenient and comfortable.
ThinQ -- AI-ready platform 

Fast forward to 2018 when the technology has improved more than ten folds. AI or Artificial Intelligence is becoming the indicator of advanced technology. Its concept comes from studying behavioral patterns, human needs, and the aim to make life more convenient.

AIs are becoming smarter, and as they are being integrated to gadgets and appliances, they become more useful and more suitable to everyday needs.
LG InstaView Refrigerator 

LG knows the importance and the great potential of AI technology. They continue to innovate and invest on this technology to come up with their own AI-ready platform -- ThinQ.

Here in the Philippines, ThinQ has been seen in LG G7 ThinQ (see my separate post on this here: This flagship premium phone has single-tap button to launch Google Assistant which allows the user to search the internet, open applications, and use the phone remotely all through voice command. It also has Google Lens feature that automatically identifies the object on the frame and adjusts the settings.
LG G7 ThinQ 

The LG OLED TV, which was recently launched here (see separate post here:, and the LG SuperUHD TVs also uses ThinQ that acts as a personal assistant when watching. Pressing and holding the microphone button on the remote lets you change the volume or picture settings, search content on the internet, etc.
LG Wallpaper OLED TV 

There's also this LG InstaView Refrigerator, though not yet available in the country, that shows the content of your refrigerator using a touch panel. It can also store shopping lists and expiration date of food. AI-equipped washing machines that automatically washes certain types of clothes, and air conditioners that automatically adjusts the temperature, are some other components that define the future of home!

Over time, what LG wanted to achieve is a future home that makes use of AI-powered gadgets and appliances combined with machine learning. This will not only help people in their everyday chores, but also allows them to make more time in activities that enrich lives!

LG Philippines
Disclaimer: I was provided materials for this post.