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Pia Dailo: Brazo Cups are Pure Bliss in a Cup!

Brazo Cups by Pia Dailo 

Satisfying your sweet tooth doesn't have to be expensive, but it can be special... as special as these Brazo Cups by Pia Dailo.
soft foamy look a gem at the center 

Brazo Cups are simply Brazo de Mercedes prepared and served in individual containers, rather than the usual cake roll form. This provides a more personal serving, though for sure you'll find yourself wanting for more cups.

If cake is to cupcakes, then Brazo de Mercedes is to Brazo Cups!

To be honest, when it comes to cake, I prefer those that are dense yet creamy like cheesecakes, or rich and moist like chocolate cakes. Brazo de Mercedes isn't really my thing. But there's something about these Brazo Cups that changed my view on this dessert.  
okay.. I'll give it a try.. 

For one, look how cute and delicate they are! Those soft foamy look, carefully torched meringue surrounding the custard core -- they're calling me to take a spoonful! 

And so I did! And it was pure bliss... The white meringue is soft and fluffy like moist marshmallow. But the golden custard at the center is indeed a hidden gem. Luscious without being overly sweet, and perfectly complements the meringue. A scoop of both is the best way to enjoy them.
talk about pure bliss! 

Brazo Cups by Pia Dailo are sold at Php400 for 1 dozen, and Php220 for half dozen. That's just Php30+ per cup! Even cheaper than cupcakes, yet isn't as common. Easily brighten your mood with these delightful cups. Get your fix through the details below.

Pia Dailo
Mobile Number: 09165505350

Disclaimer: I was provided food sample to review and feature in my blog. I did not pay anything. Photos with my watermark are mine and shouldn't be used without my permission.