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Cetaphil: [AUG 20-26 2018] 7-Day Skin Care 101 at SM Makati!

7 Days of Cetaphil at SM Makati Events Area Ground Floor, AUG 20-26 2018 

No amount of make up can cover up a badly maintained skin. So it's not right to just leave it to make ups and forget about skincare. Even if it looks good in photos, a personal and closer look would reveal the imperfections. On the other hand, if you have beautiful and well-maintained skin, you wouldn't need make up that much.. or at all!
Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser 

I am personally not gifted with good skin. Mine is sensitive that I easily get cuts and wounds for I-don't-know-what reasons. I also have keratosis pilaris on my upper arms which is why I opt not to wear sleeveless. With skin like this, Doctors' recommendation is to use mild cleanser and soap. Cetaphil is one of the brands I trust. Actually, Cetaphil was the only brand I trusted when my son was still an infant. You know, when you're a first-time mom and you are extra cautious about the products you use on your baby, Cetaphil is where I found assurance.
Moisturizing products wide range of selections for all skin types 

So if you are a Cetaphil lover like me, you'll love this 7-day event filled with skincare discussions, promos and discounts from Cetaphil on AUG 20-16, 2018 at the Ground Floor SM Makati Events Area, near H&M.

Here are some of the promos and discounts:
  • Get FREE sling bag when you buy PHP1,000 worth of Cetaphil products
  • Get FREE pouch when you buy 1 Cetaphil PRO wash and 1 PRO Moisturizer
  • Get FREE swaddle when you buy Php700 worth of Cetaphil Baby Products
  • 2+1 Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
Nikki Tiu, Joy Mendoza, and Rowena Lei 

August 20-26, 2018 3:00PM-4:00PM (discussions and activities)
GF SM Makati Events Area
Day 01 of 7 days of Cetaphil 

Discussions led by known celebrities and social media influencers on different skin topics will be tackled daily from 3:00PM to 4:00PM.

Here's the schedule:
  • AUG 20 MON - Complete Your Health Routine with #MyCetaphilSkin
    • OptionsPilates, Diet Diva, and Ms. Joy Mendoza share their thoughts on regular exercise, a healthy diet, and a skin care routine with Cetaphil. Guest influencers Nikki Tiu and Rowena Lei also give tips on having healthy skin to match your healthy body
  • AUG 21 TUE - Skincare 101
    • Vern Enciso and Shari Macaraig talk about their tried and tested skincare steps. It's all about knowing the basics of skincare to help you create or improve #MyCetaphilSkin routine 
  • AUG 22 WED - How to PROtect Atopic Skin
    • Cetaphil steps up their game with Cetaphil PRO with dermatologist discussions on what atopic skin is all about. It doesn't only work to alleviate the discomfort of atopic skin, but perfectly pairs with sensitive skin as well. Lifestyle blogger Dani Barretto talks about how she found comfort in her skin with Cetaphil
  • AUG 23 THU - How to Achieve Glass Skin with Sarah Lahbati
    • Sarah Lahbati finally lets us in on her beauty secrets! She talks about her skincare routine and how she has achieved the trendy glass skin with Cetaphil
  • AUG 24 FRI - Cetaphil Baby: First Time Mom 101
    • Firt-time moms and experienced moms unite in giving their babies the utmost care with Cetaphil Baby. Neo-natal care and developing child care is also tackled with celebrity mom, Kaye Abad
  • AUG 25 SAT - No to Oily Skin
    • Mom bloggers Rowena Lei and Keri Zamora debunk oily skin and acne myths with the guest derma consultant. They also discuss how Cetaphil's Oily Skin Cleanser properly targets the problems of troubled skin
  • AUG 26 SUN - Choose Your Cetaphil
    • A culminating event for Days 1-6 where all participants try their luck for prizes, take photos with their #MyCetaphilSkin, and discuss Cetaphil as the skincare for all
capping off Day 01 discussion on Health Routine with Cetaphil 

healthy diet? Leave it to Diet Diva! 

Don't miss this chance to get skincare tips and learn from celebrities, influencers, and of course, dermatologists! Lots of promos and discounts you can take advantage of too! 7 days only so visit SM Makati this week, AUG 20-26, 2018.


Disclaimer: I was invited as a blogger to feature this event. I did not pay anything.