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Banana Peel: Let Your Kids Explore in Color with Crewe Junkyard Collection!

Explore in Color with Banana Peel Crewe Junkyard Collection! 

In this country where it is mostly sunny or rainy, a pair of trusted flip flops is a must! You wouldn't want to wear sneakers on the beach, right? Or have your shoes be soaked with squishy socks after a heavy rain? No, no, leave them to flip flops.
Crewe Junkyard in Circuit Breaker (red) 

Speaking of trusted flip flops, I remember when we were kids (and I'm referring to 90's kids), we all have that reliable slippers that we always use outdoors. That pair that lets us run fast despite the uncemented road, the one that we put on our elbow to play "sipa", and that piece that we use as "pamato" in "tumbang preso". It could have been more fun if flip flops at that time were trendy and colorful.
Crew Junkyard in Sunday Funday (ocean green) 

A few decades later, kids these days might not already know the games I mentioned but that doesn't stop them from exploring outdoors. Especially now that gadgets, tablets, and mobile phones are so easily accessible to kids, the more that we have to encourage them to go for a walk, or a run! Play with other kids, meet new friends, take time to discover and appreciate the beauty of nature.
front back 

Good thing, generations of today have more options for quality and trendy flip flops. Banana Peel, for instance, has this line of flip flops for kids that specializes on ease and comfort -- the Crew Junkyard collection.
details on the thong/strap 

Crewe Junkyard (550Php)

Six (6) trendy colors to choose from -- I really had a hard time selecting color. I love the bright and unconventional tone of SUNDAY FUNDAY (ocean green), but my son prefers the more common yet striking CIRCUIT BREAKER (red). We ended up having both!

The other four (4) colors are: GEEK N' SNEAK (black), ALLEY OOPS (midnight blue), QUAFFLEPOCKERS (light blue), and ROCKETTES (brown/taupe).
details on the sole embossed BP logo on the base 

Banana Peel Crewe Junkyard pairs aren't your usual lightweight-thin-sole-narrow-thong flip flops. These are the sturdy-yet-comfortable type that are great for outdoors.

The thong/strap is wide to better support your kid's feet, while the nice stitching at the border reflects quality.
arch support for better stability 

Banana Peel claims that all materials used, from thong to sole, are eco-friendly and non-harmful. The base is made of 100% rubber for comfort, and features an arch support for better stability. I also like the embossed "Banana Peel" details on the sole that provide more friction.
#ExploreInColor with #BananaPeel 

Everyday, I let my son, Rhyme, play outdoors as I believe that at his age, 4 years old, it is through playing that he learns more. He gets to discover what he can do, the things around him, and even the people that he encounters.
comfy to wear simple yet striking 

You can easily buy flip flops anywhere for a lot cheaper price. But what if they're uncomfortable, slippery, or break easily? I would not want to risk that for my son.

I'm delighted that Rhyme now has a reliable pair of flip flops that he can best use outdoors. Simple yet stylish with colors that kids can easily identify themselves with. The design is also well-thought of to ensure kids will have the utmost comfort, stability, and support as they unravel more adventures ahead.
fun playtime! 

Lastly, just when I thought Banana Peel is all about flip flops... tadaaaahh! They've got Body Butter!
Banana Peel Body Butter in Summer Berries 

Summer Berries Body Butter (100Php)

There are three (3) variants: SUMMER BERRIES (Strawberry & Pomegranate), TEA SCENTSATION (Green Tea), and SECRET GARDEN (Sweet Pea).

Summer Berries has a light berry scent and texture that is a bit thick yet creamy. It might appear sticky while being applied but it's just at the start. After your skin has absorbed the butter, you won't feel it anymore.

So the next time you buy flip flops from Banana Peel, maybe you can have this body butter as add-on.
product is properly sealed thick and creamy 

Banana Peel

Disclaimer: I was provided the products for review. I did not pay anything. Photos with my watermark are mine and shouldn't be used without my permission.