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REVIEW: Holy King Medical Clinic: P149 Radio Frequency Slimming Treatment (P2500 Value) from Gupo!

My BMI (Body Mass Index) is still at normal level. But with my 14-pound gain that I'm trying hard to recover from, and with all people noticing my chubbier face, flabby hips and legs, and bulging tummy, I can't help but get desperate, at times, to find ways on how to get back to the old self-proclaimed "sexy" me. Aside from diet and exercise, one of the options I'm seeing is Radio Frequency (RF) Slimming Treatment. Holy King Medical Clinic is offering it for only 149Php per session through Gupo. With the cheap price, I gave it a shot to try it for just one session. I am aware that at least 10 sessions are needed to see visible results, but my purpose for now is to check how the procedure is done.

Holy King Medical Clinic is located along Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City. If you are coming from Chino Roces, you can find it at the right side after Bautista Street. The clinic is directly in front of Honda. I wasn't able to find the name "Holy King Medical Clinic" but it is the same as Ortiz Medical Center. The place is a typical small clinic with the attendants in uniform and face mask. I arrived earlier than my appointment. With that, I had to wait since they had a number of customers. Good thing they have seats and a TV to keep the waiting customers entertained at least. The moment I gave my voucher and saw that I only availed 1 session, they have been suggesting/asking me to avail more sessions directly from them at a rate of 1,500Php for 10 sessions. I wasn't able to count exactly how many times they asked, but definitely more than thrice. I guess this is their way to get more customers or income. When it was already my appointment, we went to the extension room which is just beside the clinic. I was told that procedures such as RF are being done there. It is more spacious and has less customers so I preferred it better. 

*The Treatment*

First thing, I was asked to remove metal objects from my body (eg. belt, earrings, watch). Then with my shirt rolled up exposing my tummy, a flat metal pan was placed at my lower back so I was lying on it. This is to avoid being grounded. The RF machine was set to 20minutes and at a certain amount of heat. The attendant placed a clear gel on my tummy and then started moving the device on the left side of my tummy in a smooth gliding motion for 10minutes. Then on the other side for another 10minutes. At the start, I wasn't feeling anything, maybe because it was yet to heat up. As the attendant continues to move the device up-down and circular motion, it started to feel warmer and warmer. Don't worry, the attendant will ask if the amount of heat is still tolerable, or better yet, you inform her. It's comparable to having hot compress.  At some strokes, I get tickled. When 20minutes is up, the attendant wiped off the gel and all done.

RF Slimming Treatment is non-invasive and totally painless. Compared to Lipo Cavitation which is another non-invasive treatment focusing on dissolving fat deposits, RF Slimming Treatment is more recommended for fat tissue reduction and toning flabby loose skin. I cannot attest to this yet and I'm still thinking if I should get the package. 

Holy King Medical Clinic
21 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Barangay Palanan, Makati City
Clinic hours:10:00AM to 8:00PM Mondays to Sundays
+632 5467861

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