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Skin Station: My Diode Laser for Underarms Experience!

Skin Station Venice Grand Canal Mall

Let me start by saying "No, this is not a sponsored post!" (wink!). It all started when I overheard a group of girl officemates talking about how effective the diode laser is at Skin Station, and that there are promo packages. I didn't really interrupt them as I don't know them personally so I went to Skin Station's Facebook Page and found that there's a branch in Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hill, Taguig -- which is just in front of our office.

Being the "hairy" girl that I am since puberty hit me, I've tried plucking, shaving, sugar waxing, and hot waxing. At one point, 6 years ago, I was about to try an IPL package which I purchased through a Group Buying site, but then I learned I was pregnant so I just gave it to my sister. She mentioned it wasn't effective (haha!).

There was a promo at Skin Station -- Php2,500 for 4 sessions of Diode Laser for Underarms. Since it was my first time to try, I went for this package so in case there would be any negative reaction or experience, that amount is something I could bear to lose.

*The Treatment*

March 14, 2018 was my first ever diode laser underarm treatment.
Tip: Make an appointment as soon as you buy the package (or after every session) as they easily get fully booked
The room where they do the diode laser is neat, not too roomy but has enough space for a patient's bed, the diode laser machine, and the attendant. You will be asked to remove your top (for underarm treatment) and wear the towel wrap. No need to remove your undergarment.
Cold gel, new razors, water, sponges, eye cover, and Skin Station SkinPrep Gel Cleanser - all needed for Diode Laser
  1. "Documentation" - Might feel awkward but trust that this is for their record that they'll have to take a photo of your "hairy" underarm -- left and right
  2. Cleansing - Using their SkinPrep Gel Cleanser, sponge and water, the attendant cleansed the area 
  3. Shaving - This is the part where I got surprised as, initially, I thought the diode laser will remove the hair directly. But no, they have to shave the area first, clean it, and then use the machine
  4. Gel Application - To protect the skin from the heat of the diode laser, a cold gel is applied. If you have low pain tolerance, the coldness of the gel also helps in making the skin numb
  5. Diode Laser - This is where all the "magic" happens! By the way, my eyes were covered to protect from the laser light so I didn't really see what was happening. But I felt tiny pricks, sometimes it made me jumpy, but overall tolerable. It lasted around 15mins per underarm
  6. Application of Anti-inflammatory Cream - After the diode laser, the attendant applied the Infladerm, which is their anti-inflammatory cream. Note that they will ask you to buy this product as you have to apply it for 3 days after each session
bed with paper and towel Diode Laser machine 

So here are my observations after my first session:
  • After 3 days, there were already visible hair growing. They tend to be itchy as prior to this session, I had been waxing my underarm hair -- I'm not used to shaving
  • After a week, I noticed some hair fell off... but maybe less than 10 strands
  • After 3 weeks, almost all of the hair on my left underarm fell off. My right underarm still had some long strands
  • It takes 6 weeks before the next session and the same procedure mentioned above is done

Note: When you have started with diode laser, you can never pluck or wax anymore. Shaving is the only one allowed but only if you really have to. Better to appear in your next session with your armpit hair in "full glory" so the attendant would know where to "target"

After I finished the first package of 4 sessions, I bought another one -- 8+1 Diode Laser for Underarm at Php5,000. I continued the sessions since I was amazed with all the hair falling off. Also, as I progress with the sessions, I almost don't feel any pricking as before. Maybe because the hair has become less and less. 

After my 8th session (January 16, 2019), the attendant recommended to halt the succeeding sessions as there were barely no hair left -- my left underarm had only the very thin baby strands, while the right has less than 5 of the visible ones. As of this writing, it has been more than a year and the case hasn't changed a lot. I don't think I'll be needing to use the remaining 5 sessions anytime soon. 

The Diode Laser isn't a whitening solution for your underarm though it helps in preventing more damage to your underarm caused by plucking or waxing. One of Skin Station's solution for underarm whitening is the AxiLight Laser, which is performed by their resident Dermatologist. Though I personally don't recommend it as I had availed two packages of this (total of 18 sessions) but I didn't find visible improvement, or if there is, very minimal (sad!) -- well, that's for my case. But for the Diode Laser, I highly recommend it! In fact, I still have ongoing packages for Brazilian and Lower Legs and I'm excited for the result!

Skin Station

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Content and photos with my watermark shouldn't be used without my permission.