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REVIEW: Lasema Spa and Sauna: P495 Sauna + Jimjil Bang + Massage (P990 Value) from Ensogo!

My overall experience at Lasema Spa and Sauna was by far the best spa place I've been to. It, being a traditional Korean spa, adds value to me as I am fond of watching K-dramas. I'm glad that we availed it on our anniversary. 

If you have been checking some of my reviews on spas, you'll notice that most are just so-so in terms of ambiance and services, and that the discounted price (not the value price) reflects the actual quality of service. With Lasema, I realized that by just doubling the price of the usual spa deals that we buy, more than thrice of the experience will be achieved. 

Lasema Spa and Sauna is located at Malugay Street, inside Makati Golf Club. The place is huge and spacious, and you may stay here for a maximum of 12 hours. Upon presenting our voucher, we were given two sets of clothes (the robe and shorts for the massage, and a shirt and shorts for Jimjil Bang), two hand towels, and the bracelet tag for the locker key. The bracelet tag should be taken care of as aside from being a locker key holder, it also has a chip for time-in time-out, and for registering your purchases. 

After getting our set of clothes and locker keys, Allen and I had to part as there is entirely a separate place for the locker room and wet area for the male and the female. There are even separate massage rooms for male and female unless we opted for a private room for an additional 200Php. Since we didn't get a private room, I was afraid that we will not be together in this spa for the whole duration of our stay, considering that this is part of our anniversary celebration. The staff said only Jimjil Bang is the common place but I don't know what Jimjil Bang is. 

I proceeded in the very spacious and elegantly-looking locker room to change clothes. I was a bit shocked with the naked ladies walking around and some coming from the wet area where the Jacuzzi pools and shower rooms are located. This female area is really huge and well-maintained. There are lotion, facial wash, powder, cotton buds, hair dryer, sanitizer, water dispenser, sanitized combs, etc. In the wet area, there were numerous shower/bathing spaces as well as cold or hot Jacuzzi pools. 

After changing clothes, I decided to have a massage so I could already go to Jimjil Bang. Massage therapists are subject to availability. So at times, you have to make an appointment, but lucky for me, there was an available masseuse. I initially planned to have Lomilomi Massage (valued at 650Php) but since I forgot its name, I just had the usual Swedish massage. This is not my first Swedish massage yet even with her simple sliding strokes, I felt that the massage was really relaxing and with the right amount of pressure. Maybe the ambiance, the wonderful interior, and the spa music provided this overall relaxed feeling that I just wanted to sleep. Or it may also be that I was just tired with all the happenings earlier that day. Aside from the everything-great massage, what I liked was when she was able to stretch my shoulder and neck that the "tick" I've been feeling for so long was relieved. There was also a foot scrub at the end of the massage, and stretching if you opt for it. The one hour (or a bit more) massage experience was worth every penny. 

Lasema Spa and Sauna: after eating our hot and spicy noodles

After massage, I went to Jimjil Bang and saw Allen sleeping in one of the cave rooms. Jimjil Bang is a Korean spa and sauna. Here, you can find the following: 

  • Oak and Clay Sauna
  • Salt Charcoal Sauna
  • Dome Clay Sauna or Chungito
  • Ice Room
  • Cave Rooms
  • Sleeping Areas
  • Common area for reading books
  • Food and Refreshment Area
  • TV
It is also in the Jimjil Bang where most people are staying, maybe in saunas or just doing nothing, but just relaxing. It was also good to try some of the Korean food and drinks, though the noodles tend to be really spicy. 

Our stay in Lasema Spa and Sauna ends our anniversary celebration, but it was a really good way to cap it off. Everything in this place was over the edge compared to the usual spas I've been to. 

By the way, I said I won't leave Lasema not until we have a picture of us in lamb towel. So it here it goes!

Lasema Spa and Sauna: in our lamb towel

Lasema Spa and Sauna
7232 Malugay St., Brgy. Bel Air, 1209 Makati City inside Makati Golf Club, Makati City
+632 8302222; +63943 506 5697
Open 24 hours
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