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MaRuCoRo: Sand Cookies

MaRuCoRo Sand Cookies

While Allen was enjoying his stay in Japan as part of his family's yearly out-of-country extravagance, I was patiently waiting and wondering what my imported present would be. Last year was about nougat, kangaroo, and koala from Australia. This year, how about some round colorful individually-wrapped sand cookies - MaRuCoRo

MaRuCoRo pack

When I've read the word MaRuCoRo, my initial thought was that they are macarons! Sounds like? Looks like! At first look, I really thought they are macarons, or maybe Japan's version of macarons

MaRuCoRo flavors

A box contains 9 pieces with 3 different flavorsI would like to believe that the flavors are written on the box. But since I cannot read Japanese writings, I just trusted my senses in identifying the flavors. My guesses are: pink was strawberry, brown was chocolate, and yellow (the most challenging) was cheese. 

MaRuCoRo Sand Cookie Strawberry

The size is around 4.5cm in diameter, about the size of a macaron. It also has a filling, for this case, a thin cream feeling which I think is the same for all three flavors. The star design at the center was attractive that I wish macarons have designs too. The main difference it would have compared to a French macaron would be the main ingredient as it makes use of butter-flour-sugar, and not meringue. The texture is similar to Danish butter cookies, if you have tried it. The flavor lies on the cookies, not the filling, and is not so strong to identify at first bite the flavor of the cookie. I even thought initially that they just have different colors but the same taste. But after focusing on the scent and the taste, I managed to make my intellectual guesses on what flavors they may be.

Nevertheless, macarons or cookies, these little delights are interesting finds that I don't want to be addicted with; simply because I cannot easily have them whenever I want!