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Chateau de France: Macarons

Chateau de France

It was unfortunate that I don't have my camera nor my tablet when Allen brought a box of macarons as my "energizer". But since I didn't want to let the chance pass without blogging about the "best macarons I've tasted so far", I grabbed my phone and used its 2MP camera to still capture the experience. These macarons are from a newly opened store located at SM Supermarket in SM Makati -- Chateau de France

Chateau de France - box of 4

Macarons (40Php each)

Chateau de France - Pistachio, Chocolate, Manga, Vanilla

The macarons are of standard size and available in Raspberry, Vanilla, Manga, Orange, Coconut, Fig, Lime, Chocolate, Pistachio, and Lemon flavors. I get to taste Pistachio, Chocolate, Manga, and Vanilla. 

Chateau de France - Vanilla

My first bite was on the vanilla macaron. It didn't look like vanilla-flavored at all as it's brown and the filling was like that of yema. But vanilla or not, I knew from the first bite that this was the best. The filling was thick and distinct. The meringue was fragile and doesn't have much outer crisp but it was soft and easily melts in your mouth. Mango macaron seemed to have mango jam or puree as filling and so I was really able to taste its mango-ness. Chocolate macaron was also a good choice. The chocolate filling was of bittery chocolate type, maybe Belgian, but I cannot confirm.

I think what made this best so far is not only its soft meringue but more of its  thick, rich, and flavorful filling. A lot of times, when I try French Macarons, I cannot distinguish that much the different flavors. Yet with Chateau de France, this idea was changed. And the great thing about this (at least for me), they are conveniently located in Makati. 

Chateau de France
SM Supermarket, SM Makati City