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BUFFET: Ocean's Harvest at Marriott Hotel Manila

Marriott Hotel Ocean's Harvest

Friday and Saturday 6:00PM to 10:30PM : 2,300Php
Drinks not included

Seafood, International

About Marriott Hotel Manila's Marriott Cafe: from Marriott Hotel Manila website
Bright, bold and upbeat, this modern all-day dining restaurant captivates food lovers with its engaging open-theatre kitchens. Indulge from the vast sumptuous buffet of local and international favorites or order from equally irresistible a la carte menu.

Marriott Cafe table setup - note the orange fish bone!
Marriott Cafe ambiancemodern elegant

The Experience:
It's like your usual "dampa" or "paluto" but put it in a much higher level of food preparation, in a hotel setup, and buffet style. Ocean's Harvest allows you to take a plunge to the bountiful fresh catches and makes you choose the way you want it to be prepared.

Ocean's Harvest - Catch of the Day
Ocean's Harvest - Sinigang Hot Pot stationOcean's Harvest - Noodles station

Here are the four (4) steps to enjoy this buffet:
  1. Chose from the Fresh Catch of the Day
  2. Decide on how you want it to be cooked
  3. Go to the station and get a number
  4. Wait for your dish to be served on your table, or repeat Steps 1-4 until you're fully loaded!
Ocean's Harvest - Grill and Bake stationOcean's Harvest - Batter
"Whichever way you plan to enjoy it, the Ocean’s Harvest buffet will keep your hands busy from start to finish. Catch the freshest bounty of the ocean cooked and prepared according to your fancy. Don’t be surprised if you’ll have a hard time deciding — the options are endless and irresistible whatever way it’s presented."
Ocean's Harvest - Cooked Seafood on Ice station
Ocean's Harvest - Teppanyaki stationOcean's Harvest - Saute station

But don't think that this is just all about seafood as you can still find some bread, fruits, meat, salad, and desserts. 

Ocean's Harvest - bread and butterOcean's Harvest - sliced fruits
Ocean's Harvest - Prime Beef
Ocean's Harvest - dessertOcean's Harvest - chocolate fondue

I guess it's time to show you what are some on my plates!

Ocean's Harvest - starter plateOcean's Harvest - baked scallops

For starter, I had some baked shells. On the left were pre-prepared (already cooked). While the baked scallops on the right were served hot!

Ocean's Harvest - Salmon Sinigang sa Miso

Here's Salmon Sinigang sa Miso. Fresh salmon. Something to note about this is the miso used as it is very similar to the miso as in Japanese soup.

Ocean's Harvest - Prime Beef with Peppercorn Gravy

While waiting for some of my seafood orders, I decided to take a shot on their Prime Beef. I said "take a shot" as I ain't really into beef. I guess I'm feeling lucky that day as the Prime Beef was a hit! Soft and really flavorful on its own. The peppercorn gravy was also a good choice as sauce for this. Partnered with a chunk of mashed potato, this dish is perfect!

Ocean's Harvest - Prawns in Buttered Garlic

Whenever I go to dampa, my orders won't be complete without the Buttered Garlic Shrimp or Prawn. But here in Ocean's Harvest, it will be prepared with shells peeled off, with garnishing, and the taste of high quality.

Ocean's Harvest - Chili Crab

A chef suggested to have Chili Crab and I immediately said "Yes!". He grabbed a really huge crab and above is the result. Chopped, shells already cracked, and with garnishing. For the first time, I didn't have to use my bare hands to eat the crab yet I still enjoyed it. 

Ocean's Harvest - Sweet and Sour Lapu-lapu

Sweet and Sour Lapu-lapu was one of my favorites! I've tried Lapu-lapu before but the way this dish is prepared, add to that the taste, now I know why this fish is expensive. 

Ocean's Harvest sauteedOcean's Harvest cooked lobster on ice

Ocean's Harvest grilledOcean's Harvest teppanyaki

Now for my top picks among all those I've tried...
Prime Beef for the non-seafood, Sweet and Sour Lapu-lapu for the seafood dish, and Buko Pandan for the dessert. Seriously, there were a lot of wonderful-looking desserts but my heart goes to Buko Pandan. It's sweet (but not too much), creamy, and addicting. I had two cups of this!

Ocean's Harvest dessert plateOcean's Harvest dessert

Ocean's Harvest was really a wonderful experience and I'm glad I was invited to this event. It's a different kind of buffet as your imagination is your limitation for the number of choice dishes. A certain fish can be cooked in maybe hundreds of ways. If you're not very knowledgeable on the different ways of cooking, you can ask the friendly chefs for suggestions. I enjoyed the experience that I didn't notice I was eating for 3 hours already! Yet not a dish was a failure whether in terms of taste or presentation. I even had to come back for more. Everything was leveled up!

Ocean's Harvest - with Marriott Manila Executive Sous Chef Elmer Fabella

Marriott Hotel Manila
No 10 Newport Boulevard,Newport City Complex, Pasay City
+632 988 9999