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Fruits in Bloom: Fruit Blossom Arrangement

Still part of our LAHniversary, I thought of surprising Allen with a bouquet of flowers aside from the Anniversary Cupcakes that I have ordered. I quickly check the internet to look on where to buy and the estimate price. I was shocked that bouquets cost that much! I have received around 3 bouquets from Allen and I wonder if he really spent that much just to give me a bouquet. I continued searching and searching until I came across one of the posts in It featured a different type of "bouquet" or arrangement as it makes use of fruits at a relatively cheaper price.

Fruit Blossom (850Php)
Thank you, Salamat, Xie Xie, Merci, Gracias.... one arrangement says it all. Pineapple flowers, chocolate- enrobed bananas, green apple wedges and red grapes are beautifully arranged to convey the universal language of appreciation.

Fruit Blossom is one of Fruits in Bloom's cheapest arrangement yet I'm really satisfied with how it looks. You can find all their arrangements in their website (I have placed their information below). I find that having a fruit arrangement, instead of a bouquet of flowers, is more practical as it is edible, and is more appropriate as I am giving it to a guy. The fascination found in bouquet of flowers can also be achieved in this fruit arrangement.

The fruit arrangement comes in a simple yet beautiful box. It also makes use of a cute vase which I personally would want to keep if I have not given it to Allen. And the fruit arrangement? I find it a brilliant idea. I've tasted all the fruits and it was amazing that the taste and freshness were not compromised.

Some may have think that it is overpriced. Well, if you really try to compute the cost of each fruit, the other ingredients (eg. chocolate), and the vase, you may find it cheaper to have it DIY. But for me, since I find this a new idea, and I'm very contented with overall look and packaging, and it's something I cannot do (hmm.. maybe I can but not as good as how they did it), I guess it's a good value for money rather than the non-edible flowers.

Fruits in Bloom
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+632 812 0380; +63915 326 9136