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Bench Fix Salon: Haircut

Bench Fix Salon

The heat of summer and my long thick hair don't actually match. And even though I just had a hair rebond last January 2013 to reduce its "fluffiness", I still had to tie it up most of the time to at least give me some comfort against the scorching hot weather. 

with my long hair

For three years, I have been wearing my hair long and straight, at times with color. It was only this year that I tried to alter it a bit by having a side bangs. Yet, who would predict that just after 4 months, here I am, wanting for another change. 

What I really wanted was a really short hairstyle -- pixie, as they call it. I even used an online website ( to check out some looks and try them on. Here's an example:

me in pixie

I was really decided for a short haircut the soonest possible, but where to? The first thing that came into my mind is Bench Fix Salon. For years, or maybe since I was born, I was just having haircuts that cost 40-50Php and it has always been a gamble. Sometimes it's great, sometimes not really. But this time, I wanted to have a greater percentage of success and so I opted to spend around 5 times my usual haircut price. 

I went to Bench Fix Glorietta 4 (Level 2) branch and since it was my first time, I didn't have a stylist yet. They asked if I wanted the 250Php, 350Php, or 500Php -- I chose 250Php as based on their website, that is the price for a Senior Stylist. I wouldn't need a Technical Stylist (350Php) or a Director (500Php) at that time. I was escorted inside the salon and that's where I met Mark, the Senior Stylist. We had a little chit-chat on the hairstyle that I wanted to have. Unfortunately, the hairstyle that I wanted isn't really ideal for the type of hair that I have. Since my hair is thick and it's only the rebond effect that's causing it to be straight, having my hair super short would just make it go fluffy again. 

And so, what's plan B? Plan B is still to have it short, and good thing, Mark has a suggestion. After his assistant shampooed my hair twice (maybe the latter is conditioner, and it smelled good) and with some head massage (which is really great, by the way), Mark proceeded in cutting my hair down to just half the length. I think they'll be using the cut hair for hair extension. I didn't bother getting it as a souvenir as I can always grow my hair anyway. After cutting, the assistant came back to have my hair dried while Mark entertains another customer. While waiting for Mark for the finishing touches, the assistant gave me a shoulder/back massage. I wonder if they were trained for it as he did it really well. Cut, cut, cut, and wella, he's done!

hello, short hair! we meet again!

For the first time, I instantly loved my haircut. I was eyeing for something like this in the past but it wasn't achieved. Now, even without asking for it, I had it! My face may look chubbier in the picture because of my haircut, but who cares, I personally like it!

Bench Fix Salon
Glorietta 4 Ayala Center, Makati City
+632 815 6913; +632 815 6918