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DFA Robinsons Galleria: Passport Renewal

With the new passport appointment system of DFA, much precious time was saved from new applicants and from those who just wanted to renew their passport. Mine only took around 40mins versus the horror stories I've heard before ranging from half day queuing to having to go back the following day as the line was already cut-off.


  • Yourself for Personal Appearance
  • Printed Confirmed Appointment and filled up Application Form (refer to the process below)
  • Passport to be renewed
  • Photocopy of the first and last page of your passport
  • At least 1 valid ID with photocopy
  • For DOST scholars, photocopy of your Clearance
  • Money
    • 950Php for regular processing (15 working days)
    • 1,200Php for express processing (7 working days)
    • 120Php for Courier if you plan to have your new passport be delivered 

Branch: DFA Robinsons Galleria, Lingkod Pinoy Center Level 1 West lane
Time In: 10:30 AM for 11:00 AM appointment (There were a lot of people in Lingkod Bayad Center since PhilHealth, Pagibig, and SSS are also located there. DFA has the most number of people. But if you made use of the appointment system and arrived around 30mins before your appointment, then you should not worry.)
Fee: 1,070Php since I opted for regular processing and be sent via courier
Time Out: 11:10 AM


  1. Set an Appointment - Go to and choose the branch most convenient for you. Read the instructions carefully. Fill up and print the Application Form together with the Confirmed Appointment page. Do not sign the Application Form yet.
  2. Personal Appearance - On the day of your appointment, be sure to arrive around 30mins before your schedule. Do not come too early as they might not entertain you yet. When I went there at 10:30 AM for my 11:00 AM appointment, I presented my Confirmed Appointment sheet and they had me lined up right away. There were just around 5 people ahead of me.
  3. Verification - This is just a less than 5-min process wherein you will present your requirements, the personnel will have the bar code in your Application Form scanned, then staple together only the needed requirements. You will then be provided a number.
  4. Evaluation and Processing of Documents - Present the stapled requirements. You will be asked to sign the Application Form. Your old passport will be hole punched and returned to you. You have to sign their logbook to ensure that your passport was returned to you. You will be given receipt to be paid to the Cashier. Sidenote: I was surprised when I was asked if I have any case with DFA. I said none. They mentioned that my name is in the Lookup List, and so I said that this might be due to my DOST scholarship. Good thing I have my clearance with me and they had it stapled with the other requirements as well. I never had this issue when I first applied for a passport.
  5. Cashier - Pay 950Php or 1,200Php depending on your processing preference. Payment for the delivery should be paid in the Courier booth after Encoding and Data Capturing.
  6. Encoding and Data Capturing - Have a close look at the information being encoded and ensure that there are no mistakes in details and spelling. You do not want to be surprised later on when you found out that your passport has incorrect information. Your thumbmarks and signature will be obtained digitally. You will then have your picture taken. Forehead and ears should be visible, mouth closed, and no jewelries. 
  7. Courier Counter - Present your receipt and the payment of 120Php. Ensure that the mailing address is correct. And you're done! 

Will send another update once I get my new passport.

UPDATE as of July 07, 2016
I realized I wasn't able to update this post after receiving my new passport (and I can no longer remember when that was)

  • NEW link for setting appointment: (as of June 17, 2016)
  • DFA Robinsons Galleria is now only accepting walk in applicants for OFWs, Senior Citizens, etc (information is from Julius Abad Manalo who called DFA to check why Robinsons Galleria branch is no longer in the DFA website for setting up appointment)