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PROMO [SEP 01-NOV 30 2018]: Rustan's Supermarket: FREE Kahla Porcelain Dinnerware!

Rustan's Supermarket Kahla Porcelain Dinnerware 

Nothing elevates a simple dining experience at home than authentic and high quality porcelain dinnerware. And here at Marketplace and Rustan's Supermarket, you get to take home the premium porcelain dinnerware from Kahla for FREE
Kahla Porcelain Dinnerware Sets 

Crafting fine porcelain pieces since 1884, Kahla is known as the "Porcelain for the Senses". Made in Germany using state-of-the-art technology and available in over 60 countries worldwide, Kahla exhibits the highest quality and glaze, and has received over 100 international design award. Don't miss this chance to style your dining table with these premium dinnerware!
3-piece Children Set 

Get Kahla Porcelain Dinnerware for FREE when you collect stickers from September 01 to November 30, 2018! 
2-piece Mug Set 2-piece Side Plate Set 

2-piece Soup Plate Set 

2-piece Dinner Plate Set 2-piece Cereal Bowl Set 

Salad Bowl 

From September 01 to November 30, 2018, collect stickers to get the 3-piece Children Set, 2-piece Mug Set, 2-piece Side Plate Set, 2-Piece Cereal Bowl Set, 2-piece Soup Plate, 2-Piece Dinner Plate Set, or Salad Bowl for FREE.

Start by having your own sticker card in-store, or download the Stick 'N Collect application on Google Play or App Store to get 5 FREE stickers.
Download Stick 'N Collect for 5 FREE Stickers 

Every Php 300 spent in a single transaction at Rustan's Supermarket and Marketplace by Rustan's will earn the shopper one (1) sticker. Bonus stickers will be given for minimum of Php 100 worth of sponsor products (Aquabliss, Feather Soft, Beach Hut, Fontauroi, Tiny Buds Baby Naturals, Palm, Snapmax, and Market Garden) but cannot be more than 3 or the original entitlement.

There are 7 sets that can be collected and 3 ways to avail them: [1] Collect stickers to get the sets for FREE, [2] Combine stickers with cash (discounted price), OR [3] Buy the sets at retail price.
How to avail the sets 

I get to have my very own 2-piece Cereal Bowl Set and here are the actual photos.
medium-sized bowls perfect for cereals 

A box contains 2 pieces of medium-sized bowls perfect for a serving of cereal. It has simple line details near the rim and a Kahla logo at the back.
back detail perfect for any dining theme 

It looks very simple yet timeless and classy. It can easily suit any dining room theme or tableware. Food definitely looks more appetizing and stands out with its white elegant glaze.
food stands out and looks yummier! 

Promo Guidelines: (visit for complete details)
  • Customer to present sticker card to cashier; sticker entitlement will appear on the receipt
  • Stickers for redemption are valid only on the same date of purchase and in the same store
  • Only full payments made with credit card, cash, or check may earn stickers
  • Purchase made with gift certificates, discounted transactions, or special payment schemes are not entitled to any stickers, and neither are payments made for retail or fast-track of the double wall glasses
  • Tampering and combining of sticker cards are not allowed
  • Customers have until January 29, 2019 to redeem their chosen Kahla Dinnerware

Disclaimer: I was provided the material for this post. Photos with my watermark are mine.