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Miss Esthe: Instant Lifting with Meso and Sonic

Miss Esthe Facial Salon and Skin Care 

Let me start by saying I had the most relaxing and rejuvenating facial experience so far, and it happened here at Miss Esthe Facial Salon and Skin Care.
located at 2F Uptown Mall, BGC 

When I was starting this blog, my reviews were more on facial treatment, massages, and spas. And by far, my experience here at Miss Esthe is outstanding as it uses Japan technology that I haven't encountered in the derma clinics I've been so far.

Miss Esthe originated in Tokyo, Japan and has several salons in Japan, as well as franchises in South Korea, Shanghai, Singapore, etc. Here in the Philippines, the first and only branch (as of this writing) can be found at the 2F Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City
changing room a cubicle 

Classy and dainty, this facial salon has 4 cubicles separated by curtains, and 2 VIP rooms. Due to the limited space, make sure to book an appointment before visiting. There is no restroom inside but no worries as the mall's restroom is located just in front of the salon.
Chiharu Nagano (Japanese Master Trainer) and Chinky Gabas (Miss Esthe Director)

During my visit, I was welcomed by Chinky Gabas, Director of Miss Esthe, and Chiharu Nagano, Japanese Master Trainer.

Miss Nagano, together with an esthetician, personally assessed my skin through Miss Esthe's one-of-a-kind Skin Navigation System. This method uses a combination of questionnaires and skin observation for age spots, wrinkles, and skin texture. The result of this assessment allows the esthetician to suggest treatments and products best suited to my skin condition.
D-Sonic treatment Meso treatment 

Instant Lifting was the treatment I went for. But before the actual session, I was asked to put on a velcro towel wrap. I actually wondered why since I was just going for a facial. Later on I learned the reason.

*The Treatment*
  1. Cleansing - There are two levels of cleansing: [1] to remove make up using the Cleansing and Foam pure, and [2] to cleanse the face using the same product but mixed with water to create a foam and gently massaged on the face
  2. Blackheads and Whiteheads Removal - This part is where Japan technology comes in. Instead of the usual painful pricking, Miss Esthe uses a D-Sonic probe (one of the functions of their Neo Energy Ex device) that "scrubs" blackheads and whiteheads through ultrasound micro-vibrations. There is still minimal pain but only on the sensitive parts of the nose, but this is way better and less painful. After which, a hot towel was placed and massaged on my face
  3. Decollete Massage with Emollient Oil - This is the reason why a velcro towel wrap is needed. It's because the massage does not only involve the face but also the neckline. This is again a Miss Esthe signature treatment (or for this case, massage) that stimulates collagen production and is firming, lifting, and skin glowing. Felt so good and relaxing! You can really feel that the esthetician is well-skilled. I also learned that all estheticians went through months of training with Japanese Master Trainers in Japan
  4. Meso with Bright Essence - Meso treatment is another function of the Neo Energy Ex device used in Miss Esthe. It allows the Bright Essence applied on my face and neck to be absorbed deeply and to effect instantly using special electric pulses. No worries because there's no pain at all in this treatment
  5. Sonic with Mild Mask - Sonic is, again, another Neo Energy Ex function that generates a million times vibration per second that works deep inside the skin. Just like the Meso treatment, it is non-invasive and totally painless
  6. LED with Bright Mask - The LED treatment is optional and the esthetician will suggest if it is needed and what color to use. Red is for collagen production, wrinkle correction, and anti-aging; Blue is for acne prone; and Purple is for sensitive skin. I had this in red light
the after treatment 

I stayed in the salon for about 2 hours and that includes the assessment, the actual treatment, and taking photos. The experience was a total "Wow!". No redness and bumps, no stings and teary eyes after the treatment. All I had was a relaxing and rejuvenating feeling, not to mention the refreshed and lifted face even without makeup. Service was also great as the estheticians are all professional and well-trained in using the equipment, carrying out the procedures, and handling the customers. I love how the treatment and the products used were all customized based on your skin needs.
Miss Esthe products 

Miss Esthe is aware that each customer has a different skin type and so they formulated their own products that address the problems of different skin ages (note: skin ages, and not the actual age of the customer). These products were also used during the treatment.

I got this Trial Set that contains an Essence Lotion, a Perfect Serum, and a Moist Gel. In case you're not sure how to use it, the sequence is:
  1. Essence Lotion 
  2. Perfect Serum
  3. Moist Gel
Direction:  Put a pea sized amount on your hand. Rub them together & lightly apply on your face. Let your skin absorbs it (dry it).
Miss Esthe Trial Set 

For reference, here's the price list:

  • Perk Me Up Facial (30mins) - Php750
  • Poreless (60mins) - Php1,500
  • Sensitive (60mins) - Php1,500
  • Acne (60mins) - Php1,500
  • Whitening (60mins) - Php1,700
  • Instant Lifting (60mins) - Php2,000
  • Bio Acne (60mins) - Php2,100
  • Bio Whitening (60mins) - Php2,300
  • Anti-Aging (90mins) - Php3,000

I highly recommend this place and I suggest to try at least the Perk Me Up facial. You still get the basic procedures (eg. cleansing, D-Sonic, decollete massage, bright essence, bright mask), and still feel fresh, clean, and pampered!
hooray for no bumps and redness! 

Miss Esthe Facial Salon and Skin Care
2F Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
+63935 336 4720

Disclaimer: I was invited as a blogger to try the service. I did not pay anything. Photos with my watermark are mine and shouldn't be used without my permission.