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Promil X Shopee: 5 Ways to Nurture your Child's Gift!


5 Ways to Nurture your Child's Gift 

I guess every Mom out there would be delighted to discover what special abilities her child bears. It's easy to say "I will support my child in his/her talents, skills, or gift" but as parents, how do we exactly do it? Is boosting their morale enough? 

Here's to give you 5 ideas on how to nurture the gift of your child which I personally practice. If you know other ways or have helpful ideas, feel free to share. 

Observe and Encourage

I never pushed my son to like a specific hobby or activity. Although naming him "Marco Rhythm" might be a subtle way to do it (haha!). Whenever we're together, I observe what he likes doing or what tickles his interest. Does he feel like dancing when there's music? Does he tend to doodle while holding a pencil? If he does, then I encourage by pointing out what he does good and giving ideas on what to explore more. For instance, while he's drawing, I ask what's on his mind to come up with his sketches. We make stories out of it and from there, the creativity flows. 

Create an Inviting Environment

Kids by default are curious. They can discover something out of nothing. What more if you provide an environment that will allow them to build, create, and explore. One thing to note, though, is to keep the tools basic. Provide papers, writing and coloring materials, building blocks, instruments that can make sound, a space to move and dance -- these are just examples. I used to buy several toys for my son - with lights and sounds - just to realize that these are too overwhelming for him. At the end of the day, he prefers the simple carton boxes turned into "armor", blanket as cape, and cut-out papers as his crown and badge.  

Let Them Feel Your Presence

Join your kid in his/her activity but let him/her be independent and develop own style. There are several advantages when you do this. For one, it is a great parent-child bonding activity. Next, a kid learns from mimicry. Whenever my son sees I'm doing calligraphy, he picks up a piece of paper and starts doing strokes using a pen. I just let him do his own thing unless he asks. When a kid enjoys an activity with you, he/she will tend to do it over and over again, which will then develop his/her skills.

Look for Inspirations, Sign up in Classes

I don't know when and how, but my son developed interest in beatboxing. I've seen people do it and it's amazing but I have no idea how it is done. So for now, I just let him watch performers do beatbox so he can have a sense of what he can possibly be in the future if he opts to pursue it. 

Prior to pandemic, I let my son try out kid's football. If he enjoyed it, then we would continue. If not, at least he tried and we could go for another sport or activity. Well, he liked it but due to quarantine, kids had to stay at home. But good thing a lot of online classes emerged. 

Kids can join #Promil4iShine Talent Camp ONLINE through Promil Four Facebook Page or The Gifted Channel on Youtube. Mentors include:

🎵 Maestro Ryan Cayabyab (music)

🕺 Teacher Georcelle Dapat-Sy (dance)

🎭 Mr. Audie Gemora (performance)

🎨 Teacher Robert Alejandro and Teacher Kara Escay (art)

🎥 Dimples Romana (vlogging)

🎸 Ben and Ben (musical instruments)

📱 Magic Liwanag (mobile photography) 

Ensure Proper Health and Nutrition 

The health of your child is a very vital part for him/her to express and excel in his/her talents and skills. Enough sleep, exercise, and nutritious food supplemented with milk formulated with essential and important nutrients to support proper growth and mental development -- such as Promil Four -- are part of the core to nurture the gift.

Promil Four contains:

  • DHA, AA, Lutein, Iodine and Iron to help support brain and visual development
  • Vitamin A to support healthy eye development
  • Zinc to support normal growth and help maintain a healthy immune system
  • Niacin aids in metabolism
  • Biotin enhances energy for physical development
  • Potassium promotes healthy muscles

And if you are a Promil user, here's something to look forward this Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival!

Here's my personal pick! 

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PROMIL® FOUR Powdered Milk Drink 1.8kg (900g x 2) with FREE Php 300 worth of Unilever Beauty & Home 

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