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Shopee Greatest Home Finds!!

Shopee Greatest Home Finds 

Since I became a member of the Facebook Group dedicated for home enthusiasts, I got the urge to revamp our house, make it look aesthetically pleasing, and go for products that promote efficiency and convenience. Due to the ongoing pandemic, I barely go outside and so online shopping through Shopee has been my bestfriend! 

Now here's a rundown of the greatest HOME FINDS a.k.a. #BudolFinds from Shopee


Portable Bathtub / Foldable Bathtub

Portable Bathtub 

I never knew a lot of people would be interested with the idea of a Portable Bathtub that I first posted in Home Buddies Facebook Group. Apparently, as the bathtub itself, plus the construction and installation fees are too expensive, the interim solution of having a portable one for just ~Php1,500 worked!

Get it here:

Foldable Bathtub 

But if you have extra bucks to spend, why not go for this Foldable Bathtub priced around Php5,000. 

Get it here:

Pumice Stone + Cleaning Products

Pumice Stone 

I never knew that this little Pumice Stone will make wonders in cleaning toilet bowl, sink, and tiles! For just Php88 -- or Php76 on MAY15 -- every household should have this. 

Get it here:

Recommended cleaning products! 

To go along with your pumice stone are these recommended cleaning products proven and tested to make your bathroom or kitchen sink sparkly clean!

Get them here: 

Kitchen / Dining Area

Air Fryer

Recommended Air Fryers 

I finally gave in to the Air Fryer hype! I initially thought that "No, I would not" as I already own an oven. But the idea of getting the same crispy fried chicken or pork chop without or minimal oil, and that you don't have to suffer oil splashes while cooking (this really sold the idea for me haha!) plus of course the convenience and efficiency of being able to multi-task while your food is getting cooked, made me say, "Okay, I'll have one!". 

Here are three of the most recommended brands for you depending on the style and your budget: 

Steel Mesh Egg Basket

Egg Basket 

This Steel Mesh Egg Basket with Ceramic Farm Chicken cover is quite expensive at almost Php800. Yet it became popular to home owners because... well, no other design makes sense than a chicken sitting over a bunch of eggs. It's also a call for you to always have your stock of eggs. 

This shop has the lowest price as of writing at Php680:

Four-Hole Frying Pan

Four-Hole Frying Pan 

Achieve those perfectly shaped egg, pancake, burger, or omelet through this Four-Hole Frying Pan. This pan has non-stick coating and can be used on gas stove, induction cooker, or electric stove. Usually priced at Php300, but I found a Shopee store selling it at Php40 less and also has a 3-in-1 Steak Pan variant. 

Get it here:

Thermal Printer 

Thermal Printer 

Labeling containers and stuff is not only a way to keep things organized but it's also satisfying to look at. This Niimbot B21 label maker is portable and easy to use. No need for ink as it uses thermal printing. Print is waterproof so you can use it on various items like labeling clothing or jewelry for price tag, printing QR code, tags for containers or frozen goods, and a lot more that you can think of. 

Get it here:

Living Room / Bedroom 

Wood Grain Wall Paper Stickers

Wood Grain Wall Paper Stickers 

You might be surprised at how essential these Wall Papers are in achieving the #TeamKahoy vibe in your home. I've seen plastic cabinets, tables, bottle lids, and even electric fan blades covered in these wall papers to provide that classic look. After all, they're not just meant for walls. 

Get it here:

Korean Blinds

Korean Blinds 

Whether in your living room, bedroom, or office area, Korean Blinds are sure way to give a clean organized look with its neat horizontal pattern. It comes in different colors to suit your color scheme, and is very easy to install. 

Get it here:

Deerma Vacuum Cleaner / Handheld Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner

Deerma Vacuum Cleaner and Handheld Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner  

Deerma is establishing its name when it comes to household cleaning tools. The most popular are the [1] Deerma DX700 / Deerma DX700S Vacuum Cleaner, and [2] Deerma CM800 Handheld Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner. People -- including me -- are raving about how effective it is with its strong suction while remaining lightweight and durable for everyday use. Both have a regular price of Php1,999 each but watch out for Php100+ discount this MAY15

Get them here:

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