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Abbott X Shopee: Celebrate Nutrition for the Whole Family this Shopee Super Brand Day!


Abbott: Nutrition for the Whole Family 

Nutrition at every stage of life has always been the goal of Abbott, a global healthcare company. And this Super Brand Day in May, Abbott teams up with Shopee for a regional initiative across six (6) countries including Philippines, called Nutrition for the Whole Family.  This campaign aims to nurture families to live fuller lives through good nutrition, and through this program, families will receive nutrition tips, engage with a nutritionist and get to select a range of Abbott’s science-based nutrition products for children and adults. 

The global changes we are experiencing have evolved the people to be more mindful of their diets. It is evident with the activities and routines that we are now getting engaged with such growing own food, exercising, taking vitamins and supplements. Shopping for health-related products has also been noticeable and so Abbott, through Shopee's platform, continues to support these demands by providing the right nutrition products such as Similac GainSchool, Similac TummiCare, PediaSure Plus, Ensure Gold, and Glucerna

Starting May 12 until May 14, shoppers can access special content features, including: 

  • Nutrition Tips: A healthy immune system is supported through good nutrition. Consumers can receive nutrition tips on the Alagang Abbott Facebook Page to discover the different nutrients and how they help fight against illnesses and infections.

  • Shopping Guide: Good nutrition starts with making smart choices in the store. Abbott product listings on the Shopee platform will feature the nutrition benefits of the products to help consumers select the right specialized nutrition supplement according to their needs.

To purchase products from Shopee such as this PediaSure Plus, you may visit Abbott's Official Shopee Store

PediaSure Plus 

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