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Shopee X Colgate: #BrushYourWay with Colgate's UPLIFTING COLLECTION -- Exclusive on Shopee!!


#BrushYourWay with Colgate's #UpliftingCollection 

Imagine waking up on a bright morning, heading to your bathroom to quickly freshen up. You see your colorful yet trendy toothbrush, and you instantly say, "Yep, this is me. This is my vibe!" 

Colgate SlimSoft Advanced UPLIFTING Collection can give you that ray of sunshine upon starting your day. Knowing who you are, what your personality is, can go a long way on how you deal with people around you or how you want to accomplish your day. And YES! small things, even as simple as toothbrush, can influence that optimism to kickstart your day! 

Buy Colgate SlimSoft Advanced Uplifting Collection exclusively from Colgate Official Shopee Store!

The Uplifting Collection comes in 4 Personalities / Designs so you can Brush Your Way however you want it! Take the QUIZ now and you might discover more about yourself. 

Click on the photo to take the Personality Test!

Here's my result: A mix of THE ACHIEVER and THE OPTIMIST

My result! 

BE ALL IN (The Achiever)

Nothing worth having comes easy

BE ALL IN for The Achiever 

I know I was an academic achiever way back in elementary days, but I thought I have tamed this go-getter side of me. It was a bit of surprise that I got this as one of my results, but a little digging made me realize that "Yeahhh... I am still an achiever!". How I seek for quality and push for the best, plus the times I sacrificed rest and meals just to accomplish my goal.  

Here's for the Go Getter in me! 

CHOOSE HAPPY (The Optimist)

Today & everyday
CHOOSE HAPPY for The Optimist 

I love positive energy and even though I am undergoing tough times, it is just innate in me to know that something good is coming soon -- that "No, it is not the end of the road yet". Knowing that I influenced someone in a good way, or that I was able to put a smile on a person's face makes my heart delighted. It is easy to find blessings on earth! 

There's always something good to look forward to! 

You should definitely not miss out on these other two designs!  


We are all imperfectly perfect
EMBRACE YOUR WEIRD for The Creative 

FIND YOUR TRIBE (The Best Friend)

Be surrounded with people who will help you grow
FIND YOUR TRIBE for The Best Friend 

Colgate Uplifting Collection is full of positive spirit and vibrant design! But it is not all about aesthetic as its innovative dual-core soft bristles and <0.01mm ultra-soft slim tips gently reach 7x deeper below the gum line and clean 2.4x deeper in between teeth for superior plaque removal. Plus it’s clinically proven to make gums 300% healthier compared to ordinary flat trim toothbrush. 

Priced at Php360 for a pair of toothbrush but you might catch discount, vouchers, and free shipping if you use the Shopee App. So #SmileStrong with Colgate and get this #UpliftingCollection so you can #BrushYourWay!

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