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Pantene: Ready for Long Hair this 2021?


Ready for LONG HAIR this 2021? 

About 3-and-a-half years ago, I braved the big chop -- from long hair to a pixie cut. It's no secret that although I wanted a new look, the main reason was that I can no longer tame my thick, frizzy, wavy hair. Going to salon just gave temporary solution but after a few months, I'm back to tying up my locks. At that time, I was just recovering from a huge setback in my life and I told myself that "No, I cannot let my hair be another problem" and so I had it cut off.  

I started to accept and love my short hair although admittedly, I still miss my long tresses -- the femininity, the aura, and the vibe it ensues. But whenever I think of the effort just to maintain it, the idea just pops like a bubble.  

And then I found this new digital video from Pantene which I totally relate with. Indeed I took on the quick fix instead of starting stronger. Watch it here: 

Pantene's newest product -- Pantene Long Hair Solutions Total Damage Care Shampoo -- has Pro V with Japanese Rice Oil Essence, especially created for long hair needs to protect hair from split ends and damage even before it happens. 

In no way should this be interpreted that long hair means stronger. Everyone is free to have their own preferences. BUT... if hair damage is the one preventing you from growing your hair long (as in my case), then Pantene is providing you an option not to give up easily by trying out their new product formulated to address long hair concerns. 

I am giving it a try this 2021. Although it might be a long way to go considering how short my hair is now. Hope these other Filipinas who gave a "go" to stop with the short cuts and grow their hair long in 2021 will inspire you!


Pantene showed me that I can still give my hair the love that it needs with their new Pantene Long Hair Solutions. This has empowered me to be brave to grow my hair longer, break my monthly routine of cutting it down.

The new Pantene TVC encouraged me to never be afraid of starting over, and to start stronger. Same goes for my hair care routine — with Pantene I know my hair is taken care of in the long term. No more quick fixes this 2021!

But honestly, it’s difficult to maintain long hair with all the damage and split ends. I get so demotivated every time I see my hair with damage and split ends. But after watching this video, I am now motivated to keep my hair long and damage-free all day with Pantene Long Hair Solution Total Damage Care Shampoo!