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Art Exhibit: "LOOKING BACK" -- One Man Show of Fernando C. Modesto


Witness Fernando C. Modesto's unconventional and zany approach to art and painting

Fernando Modesto, a member of the country's artistic community since the early 70’s, was born in 1952. His work is characterized by a style that is irreverent, whimsical, and colorful.
Fernando Modesto

The study of Indonesian culture that Modesto did in Jakarta during the 2 decades when he and his family were based there, resulted in the formation of his visual sensibility. As a recipient of a scholarship from the British Council, he attended the Central School of Art and Design in London in 1982.

The exhibition "Looking Back," which is Modesto's first exhibition since COVID-19, is a celebration of the artist's unconventional and zany approach to art and painting. It takes viewers on a joyful journey through seven decades of colorful and eccentric creations.
Spot Light

The transformative nature of the theme is highlighted by the artist's life and work, which together span five decades from his one man show at the CCP which sold out in 1972. When one examines Modesto's body of work through the lens of abstract expressionism, one is able to observe the evolution of his artistic style, technique, and vision over the course of his career.

The artist Modesto's most recent exhibition in Galerie Hans Brumann in Legazpi Village, Makati, which follows the development of his art alongside his personal life, is centered on the concepts of time, creativity, and the artist's never-ending search for self-expression. These are all themes that run throughout the exhibition.

One can never fail to be delighted by the sight of a Modesto painting.