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LG OLED Celebrates 10 Years of Setting the Standard in Home Entertainment!

LG OLED evolution over the past 10 years! 

LG Electronics Philippines recently celebrated a momentous occasion, marking 10 years of LG's OLED technology. The event showcased the remarkable journey of LG OLED TV over the past decade, highlighting its groundbreaking innovations, unparalleled picture quality, and the brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in home entertainment.

I am happy to be part of this celebration held at the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines (KCC), Taguig City. Watch this quick video for a preview: 

The celebration commenced with an opening K-Pop dance number by Project One, setting the energetic tone for the event. Mr. Sungjae Kim, LGEPH managing director, delivered a heartfelt speech, expressing his pride and gratitude for the remarkable progress made by LG OLED TV and its impact on the industry. He said,
We are immensely proud to celebrate 10 years of LG OLED, a technology that has revolutionized the television industry. We have come a long way in delivering the best-in-class home entertainment experience, and this milestone is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and innovation of the LG team. We thank our customers for their unwavering support and belief in LG's OLED technology, which has been instrumental in our success.
Mr. Sungjae Kim, LGEPH Managing Director; Mr. Kim Myeongjin, Director of the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines; Mr. Sunho Choi, LGEPH Product Director for Home Entertainment 

LG Electronics Philippines partnered with the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines (KCC) to launch a donation program aimed at enhancing cultural exchange in the Philippines. Through the contribution of LG OLED TVs, the program seeks to foster cultural understanding and bridge communities. Mr. Kim Myeongjin, Director of KCC, expressed gratitude for LG's generous donation, emphasizing the significance of utilizing advanced technologies to facilitate cultural exchange. 
We are honored to host this event at the Korean Cultural Center. The remarkable LG OLED TV not only strengthens cultural ties but also serves as a medium to introduce Korea to the world and here in the Philippines. Let's maximize these technologies to promote cultural exchange among our communities. With LG's support, we are confident that we can create a vibrant and dynamic space where the beauty and richness of Korean culture can be shared and celebrated.

Angelica Dumlao, Product Manager for LG TVs 

Ms. Angelica Dumlao, product manager for LG TVs , highlighted the key benefits of LG OLED technology. She summarized it concisely: 
A, B, C, D, and E represent the pillars of LG's technical leadership in OLED

  •  A - α9 AI Processor Gen 6 showcasing LG's commitment to cutting-edge AI integration, providing clearer details and greater depth
  • B - Brightness Booster and Brightness Booster Max enhancing picture quality in LG's top OLED TVs. The improved Brightness Booster Max makes LG OLED evo G series TVs up to 70% brighter
  • C - Confidence with a 2-year warranty emphasizing LG's confidence in their OLED technology and ensuring consumer satisfaction
  • D - Design featuring ONE Wall Design -- sleek, innovative, and impressive designs 
  • E - Extraordinary viewing experience. LG OLED TVs support NVIDIA GeForce NOW at 4K, delivering an unparalleled gaming experience

Throughout the event, LG OLED TV ambassadors Mari Jasmine, Michelle Marquez Dee, Enrique Gil and Dominic Roque shared their personal experiences and insights into the transformative power of LG OLED technology. 

Mari Jasmine's Living Room

Mari Jasmine's Living Room

Model and host Mari Jasmine highlighted the sleek and innovative design of the LG OLED One Wall Design, which seamlessly integrates into any living space. She exclaimed, 
The LG OLED One Wall Design is a game-changer in home design. Its slim profile and sleek aesthetics make it a perfect fit for any interior, elevating the overall look and feel of the living space.

Michelle Dee's Cinema Room 

Michelle Dee's Cinema Room 

Michelle Marquez Dee, actress, model and current Miss Universe Philippines, showcased the cinematic excellence of LG OLED TVs, particularly with Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos, providing an unparalleled movie-watching experience. She shared,
Watching movies on an LG OLED TV is a whole new level of cinematic immersion. The vivid colors, deep blacks, and stunning contrast, combined with Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos, transport you right into the heart of the story, making every movie night a memorable experience.

Enrique Gil's Gaming Room and Office Setup 

Enrique Gil's Gaming Room and Office Setup

Enrique Gil, actor and model, shared his passion for entertainment and how LG OLED TV has taken his entertainment adventures to a whole new level. He expressed, 
As an actor and performer, I appreciate the true-to-life picture quality and immersive sound that LG OLED TVs deliver. It allows me to experience my favorite movies, TV shows, and music performances with unparalleled realism, enhancing the way I connect with my craft and my audience.

Dominic Roque's Sports Lounge

Dominic Roque's Sports Lounge

Dominic Roque, actor, model and gaming enthusiast, emphasized the immersive sports-watching experience and the advantage LG OLED TVs offer to gamers. He stated, 
As an avid sports fan and gamer, LG OLED TVs have truly enhanced my viewing experience. The combination of fast response times, smooth motion handling, and exceptional picture quality delivers an unparalleled level of immersion, whether I'm watching my favorite sports team or battling opponents in the gaming world.

Renowned media outlets Manila Bulletin and Yugatech stand witness to the remarkable journey and enduring excellence of LG OLED TVs. Testimonials from representatives Art Samaniego and Abe Olandres highlight their experiences and praise the outstanding picture quality and longevity of LG OLED TVs. 
Art Samaniego of Manila Bulletin 

Art Samaniego, technology editor of Manila Bulletin, expressed his admiration for LG OLED TVs, stating, 
LG OLED TVs have consistently impressed us with their vibrant colors, deep blacks, and incredible detail. The picture quality is unmatched, making every viewing experience a visual delight. Over the years, LG OLED TVs have proven their worth and cemented their position as a top choice for discerning viewers.
Abe Olandres of Yugatech 

Abe Olandres, founder of Yugatech, shared his extensive experience with various TVs and commended LG OLED TVs for their unparalleled picture quality and overall performance. He stated, 
We have tested and reviewed numerous TVs throughout the years, and LG OLED TVs continue to stand out in terms of picture quality and overall performance. They have truly set the bar high for other brands, and their commitment to innovation and excellence is evident in every aspect of their OLED technology.

LG OLED TVs have redefined the entertainment experience by delivering stunning visuals, unparalleled contrast, vibrant colors, and immersive sound. With their commitment to innovation, LG continues to push the boundaries of what a TV can do, enhancing the overall quality of life for their customers.

As the event came to a close, Mr. Sunho Choi, LGEPH product director for home entertainment, expressed his gratitude to the LG ambassadors, distinguished guests, and media representatives for their unwavering support. He acknowledged the remarkable progress made by LG OLED TV and its impact on the industry, urging everyone to carry the spirit of innovation, excellence, and boundless imagination as they embrace the future of home entertainment with LG OLED TV.

Life's about more than having the latest technology, rather, it's about the experiences technology creates that impact our lives. LG Electronics Philippines delivers consumer electronics through top-of-the-line home entertainment appliances that prepare Filipinos for their greatest moments. LG promises to bring "Innovation for a Better Life" nationwide - from Luzon, to Visayas, and Mindanao. LG OLED products are available via and through its flagship stores in Lazada and Shopee. For more information, visit and follow their social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube (@lgphilippines).