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Honolulu Cafe: Hong Kong Favorites at the Heart of the Metro!


Hong Kong favorites at Honolulu Cafe

Are you craving for Hong Kong classics such as Deep Fried Prawns with Thousand Island Sauce or Curry in Casserole? Or probably you prefer Stir Fried Noodles and Fried Rice? How about some Egg Tarts and Bo Lo Buns? Well I know a place that sells all these delicious authentic Hong Kong delights at affordable price range -- Honolulu Cafe


Honolulu Cafe, Robinsons Place Manila 

Honolulu Cafe originated in Hong Kong over 80 years ago. You might ask, if it's originally from Hong Kong, then why does the name says "Honolulu"? Well, it is because of their pioneer signature coffee that uses Hawaiian-style roast. Over the years, the cafe has branched out in different countries including the Philippines where there are three (3) branches, as of writing: 

  • SM Aura - Lower Ground Floor, Premier, 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City
  • Robinsons Place Manila - Ground Floor, Pedro Gil Wing
  • Greenbelt 5 - 2nd Floor, Ayala Makati City

I visited their branch in Robinsons Place Manila and I was so delighted to try their best-selling dishes! What I really love about this restaurant is the variety of food that they offer. Whether you're up for a heavy lunch or dinner, or just going for drinks and pastries, you'll surely have a satisfying meal without spending much. 

Honolulu Cafe, Robinsons Place Manila interior 

This branch at Robinsons Place Manila has an open and welcoming vibe. At one side, you'll find their Barbecued Meat Selections, while on the other end is their Bakery. But overall, the warm colors and beautiful wall decors and light fixtures provide a pleasant dining experience. 

Barbecued Meat SelectionsBakery

Now let's dive in to some of their best-selling dishes! 

Hong Kong Curry in Casserole - Beef Brisket (Php438)

Hong Kong Curry in Casserole - Beef Brisket 

Beef Brisket Hong Kong Curry in Casserole gives a mild spice with rich sauce. I'm good with the hotness level as I cannot tolerate much. But for those who would prefer a spicier one, no worries as you can have it adjusted based on your preference. I remember having this in Chicken as I find it a safer option when it comes to tenderness. But oh my, this Beef Brisket has really tender and delicious meat! 

Soy Chicken (Php1,000 - whole; Php500 - half)

Soy Chicken 

A classic! Soy Chicken has juicy meat that is very enticing to eat. I prefer pairing it with the ginger sauce to tickle my palate.

Roasted BBQ Pork (Php600 - half; Php400 - regular)

Roasted BBQ Pork 

Roasted BBQ Pork gives a sweet savory flavor that is enhanced with the sauce that comes with it. You'll never go wrong with this dish and can easily be loved by everyone!

Roasted Pork Belly (Php700 - half; Php500 - regular)

Roasted Pork Belly 

Did someone ask for "crunch" time? Well, this Roasted Pork Belly won't fail you for a crackling delight complemented by succulent meat. Roasted for hours to perfection. Guaranteed crunchiness even hours later. 

Fried Rice with Olive and Luncheon Meat (Php288) 

Fried Rice with Olive and Luncheon Meat 

Honestly, if you're on a budget, just go for this Fried Rice with Olive and Luncheon Meat. You won't need anything else as the rich flavor of the luncheon meat and the other ingredients in the fried rice can satisfy your cravings. 

Stir Fried Hong Kong Style Noodles with Pork Chop in XO Sauce (Php288) 

Stir Fried Hong Kong Style Noodles with Pork Chop in XO Sauce 

Whether for snacks or to pair your meal, I recommend having this Stir Fried Hong Kong Style Noodles with Pork Chop in XO Sauce. I love the texture of the noodles and its savory flavor. You also get a Pork Chop with it to please your appetite.


Curry Fish Balls (Php268) 

Curry Fish Balls 

We're familiar with the streetfood fishballs, but here at Honolulu Cafe, they elevate it with this Curry Fish Balls that is common in Hong Kong.  

Honolulu Egg Tart (Php60)

Honolulu Egg Tart 

If I have to choose one item that you shouldn't miss at Honolulu Cafe, it's the Honolulu Egg Tart. You know it's a signature dish when they put they're name on it (wink!). Crispy flaky golden crust is well-balanced by the creamy soft egg pudding. Just the right taste -- not too sweet, not too eggy --  capturing the essence of a perfect egg tart!

Andddd... there you have it! I hope I was able to give you some ideas on what to order here at Honolulu Cafe. But don't be limited with these choices as they have a lot more offerings to explore. Visit a branch near you. I will definitely go back and try their other dishes too!

My Honolulu Cafe experience!