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What to Expect this #711Day2023!



Happy JULY!! 

July also means convenience store giant 7-Eleven Philippines' biggest and most-awaited annual grocery day -- 7-Eleven Day! It is another year of giving-back treats to customers with discounts up to 50% across over 300 item categories including limited-time deals.  


Get as much as 50% OFF starting JUL07

If this has been an annual habit for you to line up and rack up those grocery items, you know the drill. But let me list down the things on what to expect this #711Day2023

Note: A quantity limit for each sale item per customer will be implemented. Sale items per day may vary per store

7-Eleven Day will run from JUL 07-11

Get ready because as early as JUL07, there are already items at 50% off such as 

  • Gardenia High Fiber Wheat Bread 400g (from Php80 to Php40)
  • Vitasoy Soy Milk Chocolate 300ml (from Php31 to Php15)
  • Good Day Pink Peach Soju 360ml (from Php126 to Php63)
  • Skin White HBL Power Whitening SPF20 50ml (from Php102 to Php51)
  • Hygienix Body Wash Blast Refill 400ml (from Php190 to Php95)

Starting JUL09, additional offerings at 50% discount include
  • JnJ Johnson Baby Milk Plus Rice Bath Refill 200ml (from Php116 to Php58)
  • Neutrogena Deep Clean Acne Foaming Cleanser 40g (from Php169 to Php84)
  • Snail White Whipp Soap 100g (from Php295 to Php147)
  • BELO Intensive Whitening Lotion 100ml (from Php169 to Php84)
  • Barrio Fiesta Peanut Butter Creamy and Nutty 227g (from Php120 to Php60)

And of course, on the 7-Eleven Day itself, JUL11, a lot more items are going on sale as much as 50% OFF!
  • Hersheys Milk Chocolate Bar 40g (from Php61 to Php30)
  • Colgate Fresh Confidence Spicy Fresh 50ml (from Php82 to Php41)
  • Head and Shoulder Cool Menthol 170ml (from Php213 to Php106)
  • Nivea Extra Brightening Roll On 50ml (from Php149 to Php74)
  • Sanlo Instant Salabat with Oregano 7.5gx10 (from Php149 to Php74)
View full list here: JULY 11, 2023 (1-Day Sale)

Aside from discounted items, there are also Buy1Take1 deals, and Promo Packs!

7-Eleven Signature Food Items will also be on Sale!

7-Eleven Signature food items

Aside from stocking up your pantry with grocery items, you can also enjoy 7-Eleven Signature food items at discounted prices: 

  • JUL 06-11 : One-piece Crunch Time Chicken with Rice - Php 76 (from Php86)
  • JUL 11 : Get UNLI RICE when you purchase 2-pc Crunch Time Fried Chicken Meal
  • JUL 11 : Small City Cafe (Brewed Coffee, French Vanilla, Mochaccino, Salted Caramel, Hot Chocolate) - Php20 (from Php35) *maximum of 6 cups per customer
  • JUL 11 : Small Prima (Americano, Belgian Chocolate, Cappuccino, Latte) - Php25 (from Php50) *maximum of 6 cups per customer 
  • JUL 11 : Big Bite Hotdog (all variants) - Php23 (from Php45)
  • JUL 11 : 7-Fresh Siopao (asado, bola-bola, pancit crab, adobo) - Save Php6

Win Php711 worth of CLIQQ Credits!

If you don't have a CLIQQ App yet, you'll be missing the chance to be one of the 711 Winners of Php711 worth of CLIQQ Credits! Better download the app now and make sure to use it when you purchase on JUL11 as you can earn 1 e-Raffle Entry for a minimum of Php150 worth of 7-ELEVEN DAY participating items

I know you are all excited as much as I do! Head on to the nearest 7-Eleven starting JUL07 and enjoy lots of savings on grocery and food items! For more information and updates, visit 7-Eleven’s website and social media pages.