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The Lion King: 4 Things I Love About the Live Action 2019 Remake!

The Lion King 2019 

Seeing the trailers of The Lion King, I knew I had to watch the remake of the 1994 animated film but this time, with my 5-year old boy who doesn't know what the original The Lion King was, but somehow has an idea because of The Lion Guard, an animated series on Disney Channel.

A lot of reasons, personal reasons, to look forward to this movie and so I was glad to be part of its advance screening held at Evia Lifestyle Center watching it in IMAX with LASER. They have a wonderful cinema with comfy seats, that even though we were seated on the rightmost side, it was still a good viewing experience.
The Lion King in IMAX with LASER 

The Lion King is showing on July 17, 2019. Here are some of the things I love about this movie:

  • Nostalgic - I honestly cannot remember every single scene in the 1994 animated film. But it was the first movie I've ever watched in cinema. The Lion King is really a dear movie to me, and for sure, it goes the same for the 90's kids like me. Hearing the "Nants ingonyama bagithi baba!" at the start of the Circle of Life song gave me chills and brought me back to a quarter of a century ago

  • Bridging Generation Gaps - When I saw my son watching The Lion Guard on Disney Channel, one thing I thought of is that he should watch The Lion King to see how Kion's dad, Simba, came to be how he is now. Seeing how Simba was also a cub once, is showing my son a reflection of how I was also a kid before, learning from life, and passing it onto him. Putting it in a live action movie makes it even more realistic and relatable for my son

  • The Songs - From the "Circle of Life" at the start of the movie, the sweet "Can You Feel The Love Tonight", to Simba joining Timon and Pumba in "Hakuna Matata". But my favorite is Timon and Pumba's "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". This new rendition is lively, full-bodied, and engaging, with harmonious blending. It just keeps playing on my head and giving me good vibes!

  • The Serene Scenes and Realistic Animals - It was like watching an animal documentary but with story, with songs, with animals talking. The scenes are breathtaking and made me realize how beautiful and diverse our world is. It was a good way to show my son the other parts of the world without moving away from reality. Watching it in IMAX with LASER makes the scenes come to life as if we're part of it. Funny how the kids reach out their hands and tried to catch the fireflies! 
My little Simba! 

If you've watched the 1994 film, the story is the same so there's nothing to spoil. The lessons it brought about listening to your elders, knowing who you are, the circle of life, self-forgiveness, and a lot more are effectively presented. The original version will forever have that great impact in my life, but the new generations, as well as the adults, are lucky to have the technology today to experience The Lion King in an unbelievably realistic and captivating way! So be sure to watch it. Showing on July 17, 2019.
With HS friends Jhoanna De Guzman and Marius Oczon, plus Gerome (Jhoanna's daughter)

Thank you, Marius and Disney Philippines, for the exclusive advance screening invite!

The Lion King (2019)
Walt Disney Philippines

Disclaimer: I was invited as a blogger to feature this movie. I did not pay anything. Photos with my watermark are mine and shouldn't be used without my permission.