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Stelton Dermascience: Dermascience Facial and Laser Hair Removal

Stelton Dermascience 

Thank God for pampering time!

It's been a month since the opening of classes but my mommy self is already feeling tired and exhausted waking up early to prepare my son, bringing him to and from school, then going to work that ends at midnight. So when I learned about a new beauty and skin care clinic, I made sure to make time because... I NEED TIME TO PAMPER MYSELF!
located at the 2F Ayala North Exchange, Makati City  

Stelton Dermascience, located at 2F Ayala North Exchange, Makati City, recently opened last June 14, 2019. The location may not be that visible -- behind Watsons, but despite that, they already have acquired several clients. This is mainly because their services are affordable and sustainable, plus men are very much welcome!
There are at least 5 rooms for different treatments Laser Hair Removal room - one customer at a time 

The services offered range from facials and peels, anti-aging and laser treatments, hair removal and regrowth, injectables and fillers, skin lightening, body contouring, to aesthetic surgery.
Facial Room - can have at most two customers at a time 

It has been months since my last facial so I felt I needed one. Their facial services starts at Php500 and have four options:
  • Revitalizing Facial - thorough cleansing to remove impurities and to detoxify 
  • Pimple-Free Facial - deep cleansing to extract impurities and prevent break outs
  • DermaScience Facial - radio frequency (RF) combined with a special massage technique
  • Hydrajet Facial - combination of serums and RF

DermaScience Facial (2,000Php)
Facial suction 

When I heard that the Dermascience Facial includes face, neck, and upper back massage, I was like "Oh, yeah! That's what I'm getting!". A rejuvenating facial and massage in one treatment is what I truly need!
steaming and massage Ultrasonic machine 

*The Treatment*
  1. Wash Face - After deciding on what treatment to have and filling out some personal details and agreement, I was asked to wash my face. The facial wash I used is an in-house product that can be purchased in the clinic itself
  2. Steaming and Brush Cleansing - I was assisted to a room that can occupy two customers. I was asked to remove my upper garment and put on the towel wrap before lying on the bed. They have comfy blanket to cover your whole body aside from the towel wrap. They put the steamer on and while at it, the aesthetician started cleansing my face with a cream and a facial brush
  3. Steaming and Special Massage - Just when I thought the use of facial brush was already relaxing, here comes the best part -- the massage! Here, I felt that the aesthetician is well-trained as I love the pressure, the strokes, and the overall feel. Just lying on my back and using massage cream (instead of oil), she was able to massage my upper back, shoulder blades, my stiff shoulders from carrying heavy bag, the sides of my neck, my face, and my head. The experience made me reaffirm my decision to choose this facial 
  4. Hot Towel -  Warm towel was placed on my face and then used to remove the massage cream on my body
  5. Facial Suction - The aesthetician proceeded in using the facial suction machine to further clean my face. It's like a mini vacuum that cleanses the pore of the skin. There's no pain at all, but you'll just feel your skin being sucked
  6. Manual Facial Extraction/Pricking - Whenever I go for facial cleaning, this is the most dreadful part -- the pricking. But I feel I needed to go through this as I am very prone to white heads and this process would deeply clean my face. I won't lie, it's really painful, especially on the nose part where most of my white heads thrive. My eyes were covered but can't help my tears to fall. I've experienced less painful pricking before so I guess it's also partly on the aesthetician's technique 
  7. Ultrasonic/Radiofrequency (RF) - After the manual extraction, the aesthetician used an ultrasonic probe around my face. There's slight heat but nothing bothering. This procedure has many benefits such as skin tightening, cell renewal, and promotion of skin elasticity and firmness
  8. LED - This procedure involves exposing your face to an LED with your eyes covered, of course. It was like a light therapy that is totally painless and has specific purpose depending on the color of the light. For my case, it is Red which is anti-aging as it promotes collagen production and reduces wrinkles
  9. Facial Mask - A facial mask was placed on my face and it took a really long time before they took it off. Not sure if it was intended for their customers to sleep and relax, but for my case, I can't sleep lying straight up on my back. Also, the mask has completely dried and hardened on my face making it a bit uncomfortable. But it felt great after they have removed the mask
  10. Aloe Gel - Finishing touches with Aloe Vera Gel. This gave a refreshing and dewy look on my face
After Facial - no make up on, with some red bumps from pricking 

Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal (400Php per session)
Before Laser Hair Removal 

Laser Hair Removal is not a new process to me. I'll talk more about my experiences prior to this in a separate post. It might not be so obvious on the photo, but being the hairy girl that I am, I have some upper lip hair -- not too thick to be bothering, but still visible. Since I'm having Lase Hair Removal on my other body parts, I opted to try Stelton Dermascience's Laser Hair Removal on my upper lip where the hair remain untouched -- meaning, never been shaved, plucked, or waxed.

*The Treatment*
  1. Shaving - Since my face is obviously clean from facial, the aesthetician proceeded with shaving the hair on my upper lip
  2. Gel Application - Cold gel was placed on my upper lip to protect from the laser heat. The gel is cold but not to the point that it is benumbing and uncomfortable
  3. Laser Hair Removal - This is the procedure that gets the work done. I was a bit scared at first as from my previous experience of Laser Hair Removal (different clinic), I could still feel some pain or heat despite the gel application, especially on sensitive areas. But for this case, I completely did not feel any pain! All I felt was the cold gel being spread on my upper lip area using the Laser probe 
After Laser Hair Removal 

I was really impressed that the Laser Hair Removal procedure was quick and totally painless! I learned that the machine used is designed not only to target black or dark hair, but also fine or blond hair. Stelton Dermascience is one of the few clinics to have this technology.

At first, I was a bit bothered that after shaving my upper lip hair (as part of the procedure), it will grow back thicker and more visible. But two weeks have passed and I can hardly see any growth of upper lip hair, or probably they're too fine to be noticed. Might no longer need another session. We'll see!
Thank you, Stelton Dermascience! 

Overall, it was a great pampering day at Stelton Dermascience. My face was thoroughly cleaned, I got a relaxing massage as part of the facial service, and I tried an upper lip Laser Hair Removal that is truly quick, painless, and effective!

Stelton Dermascience
2F Ayala North Exchange, Legaspi Village, Makati City
For appointment : +63977 855 5769

Disclaimer: I was invited as a blogger to feature this clinic. I did not pay anything. Photos with my watermark are mine and shouldn't be used without my permission.