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On the Verge of Giving Up

On the Verge of Giving Up  

I cried again today and it felt much worse
Seemed just like yesterday when I had my last burst
Same scenes and reasons, why do they keep on coming back?
When all I thought we had them solved and kept them off the track

You used to be someone who never wanted to see me cry
You either cry with me and feel the pain, or wipe the tears to dry
I've felt your care and your effort to try to make me smile
But now things have changed, and I can't understand why

Misunderstandings are taken seriously which led to petty fights
It never ceases until we find out who is wrong and who is right
We no longer talk things over, are we tired of ironing things out?
But adjusting to one another is still something we can work out

I find it hard to communicate unspoken words to you
I always have to state my feelings so you would feel it too
Else, you would never know if something's happening inside of me
That's why at times I feel alone even if you're just beside me

You easily lose your temper and build up your defenses
You make decisions when you're mad, not considering the consequences
I'm out of actions to do once you've built up your wall
Even if I try I just can't open your mind at all

In the end, when everything calms down, soon we will realize
The pain inflicted, the scars left, and the words to apologize
There's no guarantee of what the future will bring
But as the saying goes, "As long as you're trying, I'm staying"