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And now there's COUPLE PHONE!

I've seen couple shirts, couple keychains, and when we went to South Korea, we even saw couples with almost the same outfit from shoes to tops.

Our officemate and friend, Giselle, gave us a couple pig-rabbit*  cellphone accessory as a gift. Allen and I thought of using this once we have a new mobile phone as we are both planning to have one.

It was unintentional, but when I bought Young (Samsung Galaxy Y), Allen also bought the same phone. And now that both of us have new phones... tadaaaahhh... COUPLE PHONE! :)

*Pig-rabbit came from the k-drama "You're Beautiful" which Allen and I both enjoyed. He even gave me a pig-rabbit stuffed toy whom we call "Baboyah" (we just added the 'h') hanggul for "You fool!" which used to be Allen's favorite expression.