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Selecta Magnum: Classic

Selecta Magnum Classic

Facebook, friends, officemates - everyone is talking about this Selecta Magnum. I even tried "googling" about this and saw lots of pictures of people eating, carrying or posing with Magnum.

Oh my, am I the last person to know about this? So to join the bandwagon, Silkenhut (being the food blogger that he is) and I headed to the nearest convenience store. Only Magnum Classic was available at that time. MiniStop sells it for 55Php. Hmm... a bit pricey, huh? (I heard 7-11 sells it for 60Php, while in markets, 50Php.)

Appearance-wise, except for the "Magnum" on the stick, it looks ordinary. But then, I took a bite...

Ooopss... I actually took several bites! My eyes grew bigger on the first bite. Bittery-sweet... creamy... yummy... I've never tasted an ice cream on stick, with this quality, before. Carefully scrutinizing, the vanilla filling was just ok. But there's something special about the taste. Aha! it was the Belgian Chocolate that's causing people to go "gaga" on this ice cream! Vanilla ice cream was so-so but it just blended well with the chocolate coating's rich flavor. Now I'm a fan!

There may be other ice creams (on stick) way better and cheaper than this. But personally, this is so far the best I've tried. Market price of 50Php is ok for me since this is not something to be eaten everyday. But for the hype, I guess it is getting overrated, and it is the people, especially in the World Wide Web, who's really making it famous.