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REVIEW: SeriAsia: P350 60-min Spa Package (Full Body Massage and Oxygen Facial Treatment) (P1780 Value) from MetroDeal!

It has been 3 months since our last massage. Good thing we have this MetroDeal voucher for massage and facial in SeriAsia located in Alphaland - Magallanes (just a jeep ride away from our house). 

Reservation-wise, we didn't encounter any problem even though we made the reservation just a few days prior to the schedule. This is in contrast to what we usually experience with MetroDeal deals for massage. Also, something good to point out is that among all the spas we've been, only SeriAsia contacted us (a day before the schedule) to confirm our reservation .

Ambiance is good and as soon as you enter, you can already smell the scent of oil and hear some hotel-lobby-like relaxing type of music. We didn't have to wait long as the massage rooms are ready. 

*The Massage*

We were given a couple room but we prefer to put the curtain divider for each others privacy. The room was spacious and it maintained the Spa's theme for interior. You can still hear the music while inside the room, so that adds a calming feeling.

The massage started with pressing and kneading with towel on. Seems like the warm-up. Then as the usual massage procedure, while lying face down, oil was first applied to legs and feet, going up to the back, arms and neck; while lying face up, chest, neck and head, then back to arms and legs. I was informed that what was used in the massage was the Thermal Oil, while for the head massage, it was the Aroma Treatment Balm - both are products of SeriAsia (organic products from Malaysia). Lastly, they removed the oil from our body using hot towel. Yes, that is included in the service.

It was only a 30-min (or a little longer than that) massage but I was already satisfied. The masseuse (I wasn't able to get the name..sorry...) that I had just gave enough force on pressure points and strokes so even if it's not the usual 1-hr full body massage, it still served its purpose and was fulfilling.

*The Facial*

My expectation  was a no-pain facial experience since this is a spa and I came here to relax. Gladly, it was achieved! Below is the facial procedure: 
  1. Cleansing - First is to clean the face by applying a cream then wiping it off
  2. Face Scrub - I think what was used here is the Chakra Crystal. It feels cold on the face.
  3. Steam - As common in facial, steam was used to open the pores of the skin. But before setting the steam, a cream was applied. And as I had the steam for about 3-5mins, I can feel some drips of condensed vapor.
  4. Vacuum - Vacuum was used to "suck in" the dirt on the surface of the face. The attendant placed more attention on the nose area where blackheads and whiteheads thrive, so I hope it helps. 
  5. Mask - I have never tried face mask before so it was cool to finally have it. It was left on our face for around 5-10mins. I didn't realize that I had the mask not until I tried to peek yet can't remove the eye cover since the mask has hardened and the cloth for the eye cover stuck on my face. 
  6. Oxygen - This is what made this facial unique - the oxygen. A cream was first applied evenly on the face then a machine is used to infuse oxygen to the face. This was done twice, but I'm not sure about the difference between the two.
After the facial, it feels that my face was refreshed and moisturized. It was said that Oxygen Facial gives a rejuvenating result. 

Hot tea with honey was served after the whole spa treatment. Refreshing! It was almost a 100-min procedure (great!) though the voucher says only 60mins.
For 350Php, money is really well spent with the kind of service they provided. Without vouchers, their services and products may appear a bit pricey; good thing they are still on SALE (50% off promo). 

2F Alphaland Southgate Mall, Magallanes, Makati
+632 403-5869

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