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Corazon (Ang Unang Aswang) Block Screening Experience!

"NAKAKALOKA!!" I have been uttering this word before, during, and after the actual block screening of Corazon (Ang Unang Aswang) organized by the fans of Erich Gonzales. I ain't really a fan but was invited by a friend. Curious about the movie (Derek Ramsay is indeed a factor) and the experience of being in a fans club, I said "Go!".

I was a bit late and Erich and Derek have already arrived in the cinema. Fans were screaming endlessly, flashing their banners all over the place. Just a glimpse of Erich or Derek already made them shout to the top of their lungs. Well, I can't deny the "kilig" feeling I had seeing Derek in flesh for the first time! 

A bit of silence when the movie was about to start. Yet on the first sight of Erich and Derek on the movie, fans were again screaming. I am also hearing a lot of loud side comments or noise (?) from some of the viewers. Not sure if they're trying to crack a joke hoping Erich or Derek would hear them. Whether sensual or horror scenes, the fans have a way to catch the other viewers attention. Seems movie etiquette has no place in this kind of event, or maybe it's just the hype of being in a cinema with your celebrity idol.

Here's a movie review of Corazon (Ang Unang Aswang)

After the movie, there's a press conference. I thought it was my chance to have a picture with Derek... but NO! There is no civilized way of doing this. The fans gathered in front of the movie house where the celebrities are seated for the presscon. After all the bumping, cramming in, and ending up with wrinkled clothes, the closest I can get is to see them up-close and in flesh and to realize that they are also human. Of course they are! But with how fans are treating them, it's enough to lift their feet off the ground. 

After the whole event, I was still in a "high" mode asking myself, "What have I just experienced?". I wouldn't say it was really good, but it was definitely different. A feeling of doing something crazy or out of the ordinary packed with its natural high! Can't stop smiling even on my way back to the office. It is something worth doing again. :)

Some pictures. 

Erich looks at the camera while Derek was giggling

Skinny yet pretty

Really appealing

Erich, Derek, and Direk!