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contact me Hassle-free Online Grocery Shopping! : Online Grocery Shopping Made Easy 

Since I've become a single mom, finding time to do grocery shopping has always been a challenge. My morning is usually occupied with mommy duties including accompanying my son to and from school. After lunch time, I go to work which will end at midnight. I'm lucky enough to have a mall just in front of our office building so during breaks, I find time to buy some essentials from the grocery. But I cannot do a "full" grocery shopping as I won't be able to carry them all. During weekends, as much as possible, I want this to be the time for myself, my son, or to rest.

Online stores have been my best friends when it comes to shopping for clothes, shoes, and stuff. So imagine my delight when I learned that grocery shopping can now be done online, too! And that's through
Team with their partner delivery service LalaMove is an online grocery service developed by Filipino millennials for the Filipino market. It aims to help Filipinos save time and energy so we can do other important chores. Let me go through my experience to show how easy it is to use.

1. Create a Account
  • Go to
  • Look for the Sign Up button at the upper right part of the screen
  • Fill up the form and press Sign Up 
  • You may also opt to sign up using your Google or Facebook 
  • You'll receive a verification email to confirm your account

2. Start Shopping!
  • Once you have created an account and confirmed it, you may start shopping
  • Browse through the different Categories and select the Add to Kart button for items you want to buy
  • You may increase or decrease the quantity using the + or - sign
  • If you already have brands or items that you usually buy, better to use the Search field for easier shopping
  • You can always review your Kart by selecting the cart icon at the upper rightmost part of the screen. The number indicates the number of items you already have in your Kart
  • Under MyKart, you may clear all items, add or lessen the quantity of existing items, or completely remove items 

3. Checkout your Items
  • When you're done selecting items, it's time to checkout
  • Select the cart icon and press the Checkout button at the bottom
  • At the MyKart page, you may review your items for the last time and edit as necessary
  • If you have Kredits (every Php 1,000 spent is equal to 1 Kredit, and every 1 Kredit is equal to Php 1), you may use them here by specifying the number of Kredits you're going to use
  • Note: There's no maximum limit but there's a minimum limit of Php 499 excluding the grocer's fee. Grocer's fee varies depending on the total amount of your items: 
    • Php 199 if worth less than Php 2,000
    • Php 49 if worth Php 2,000 to less than Php 5,000
    • FREE if worth Php 5,000 and above
Reviewing and finalizing MyKart 

  • After finalizing, you will be asked to enter/confirm your Shipping Details
  • There's a field for Delivery Instructions, say if you want the fish to be cleaned, or the meat to be chopped in cubes, etc
  • You'll also be asked for your preferred Delivery Schedule. The earliest delivery time is 4 hours from order confirmation
Choose the Delivery Date and Time 

  • Currently, payment can be done through PayMaya and PayPal. But soon, Cash on Delivery will be available
Payment Options 

  • After confirming checkout, you'll receive an Order Successful! notification
  • Expect to receive Order Confirmation and Order Invoice messages in your email
  • Sit back, relax, and wait for the delivery!
Order Successful! 

Together with the Team, headed by the CEO and Founder Joshua Aragon, and celebrity endorser Giselle Sanchez, I get to see the "behind the scenes" after a customer has placed an order.
Fisher Supermarket teams up with Fisher Supermarket to provide the best items and the freshest goods.
Buy 1 Take 1 promos Maix and Pat Zulueta 

After a customer placed an order, it will go directly to the Grocer's application. The Grocers are well-trained in picking the best quality of items. The team toured us to the supermarket and simulated how the grocers do the shopping.
freshest fruits ... ... seafood and meat as shown by CEO Josh Aragon 

Once done, they will pack it carefully and put in a box, ready for delivery!
boxes ready for delivery! Giselle and Maix 

  • On the day of my Delivery Schedule, I received text messages from regarding items that are out of stock including possible replacements
  • They will also inform you the name of the persons assigned to deliver your groceries
Groceries safely delivered by John Morriz and Neil Concha 

little boy excited for the groceries! 

Groceries worth Php 2,000 

Some notes about my experience:
  • The process from creating account, shopping, payment, to delivery is smooth and fast
  • The Search field is so useful
  • I wish they have a Sort button as I really find that helpful whenever I do online shopping
  • Although they have a wide range of products and categories, it is possible that there are brands or items that you wouldn't find here. Good thing they have a "Request a Product" feature which you can find under Need Help? menu
  • contacted me regarding out of stock items on the same day as delivery schedule. There were two numbers contacting me so it's a bit confusing on where to respond
  • I agreed on the replacements but I also received a message that they will credit back a certain amount to me. I'm thinking they'll either credit back the out of stock items, or replace it, or if there's discrepancy in price between the OOS and new item, they'll credit it back. Still waiting on their response
  • Delivery came 30 minutes earlier than my chosen time frame
  • They'll deliver the items right at your door step
  • The items are well-packed, no leakage, no broken items. Toiletries were separated from food. Eggs were double-packed
  • I was surprised to get Smart Dishwashing Paste in Lemon variant as I believed I ordered the green (Kalamansi variant) one. When I reviewed my order, it was indeed Lemon but the photos in are incorrect/interchanged. I reported this to already
  • I got the wrong copy of the invoice (invoice of another customer) but I informed right away. They delivered the correct invoice hours later 
  • If you're going to try it, I encourage you to provide feedback for improvement. It has just been months since was launched and your feedback will be helpful to improve their service

I know some people who find comfort in going to the grocery and doing the shopping by themselves. But if you are like me who finds it hard to make time for grocery shopping, who hates long lines and the traffic going to and from the grocery store, who doesn't want the hassle of bringing all those bulky heavy bags from the store to home, or simply, those who just want a comfortable and convenient way of doing grocery shopping, then is for you!

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with Giselle Sanchez

Disclaimer: I was invited as a blogger to try this online service. I was provided 1,000 Kredits to use but I paid for the excess.