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PROMO [SEP 01-NOV 30 2017]: Rustan's Supermarket: FREE Goodness Gang Body Squad Plush Toy!

Rustan's Supermarket Goodness Gang Body Squad 

Fruits and vegetables should be introduced to children as early as their first solid food intake. I personally practiced this with my son. He never tasted commercially prepared baby food as I only gave him fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, squash, sweet potato, avocado, and more. But I noticed that as he grew older, his interest in eating fruits, especially vegetables, is getting low. What I do is to continuously introduce different kinds of fruits and vegetables, and prepare them in different ways.

It is a good thing that Rustan's Supermarket, a place where customers can buy nutritious food for the family, is promoting healthy eating among children through their new campaign: Goodness Gang Body Squad!
Wally the Watermelon Lizzie the Lemon 

Eight (8) fruits and vegetables, all containing vitamins and minerals that will surely be beneficial to our health, are featured in the Goodness Gang.

Wally the Watermelon will keep you hydrated as it is made up of 92% water. It also contains vitamins A, C, and B6 that will keep your bodily functions.

Lizzie the Lemon is not only zesty but is also an energy booster that will keep you away from being sick.
Patricia the Plum Chloe the Cauliflower 

Patricia the Plum is filled with vitamins that will strengthen your bones so you can play more sports and do more activities.

Chloe the Cauliflower improves brain health to help kids in solving problems at school.
Cedrick the Celery Pio the Pineapple 

Cedrick the Celery is that part of the gang who'll keep your mouth and teeth clean.

Pio the Pineapple is rich in fiber that will help you digest food.
Paulie the Pumpkin Ringo the Radish 

Paulie the Pumpkin cares about your eyesight and is filled with vitamin A to keep it sharp.

Ringo the Radish has an important role of protecting your kidneys and to prevent you from having kidney stones.
our very own Wally Watermelon 

Here's our very own Wally the Watermelon. My son loves it! If you or your kid wants to get hold of your own Goodness Gang Body Squad plush toys, here's what you can do: [1] Collect 50 stickers to get a plush toy for FREE, [2] Fastrack by collecting 25 stickers then add Php 339, OR [3] Buy a plush toy at retail price, Php 999.

From September 01 to November 30, 2017, every Php 300 spent at Rustan's Supermarket is equivalent to 1 sticker. You get 1 bonus sticker when Php 100 worth of your items are sponsor products. However, bonus stickers cannot be more than regular entitlement or go above 3.
Play with your plushy! Or love it! 

Promo Guidelines:

  • Combining and tampering of collector's cards and sticker is not allowed
  • Stickers will be issued from September 01 to November 30, 2017 only
  • Plush toys can only be redeemed from September 01, 2017 to January 29, 2018
  • Only full payments made with credit card, cash, or check may earn stickers

Rustan's Supermarket

Disclaimer: I was provided the material for this post. Pictures with my watermark are mine.