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REVIEW + GIVEAWAY: Tupperware Brands: Eco Bottle, Baby Care Set, and more!

Tupperware Brands Minis Giveaway!! 


Up for grabs is this wonderful Tupperware Brands Minis Set (worth Php2,183) consisting of the following:
  • Colorfull Mini Makeup Palette Daytime Siren (Php399)
  • Armand Dupree Rollette 10mL (Php245)
  • Fruity Blooms Pocket Mist Pomegranate & Green Tea (Php175)
  • Blaze Jersey #23 Pocket Mist (Php245)
  • Baby Care Plus+ Milk and Baby Bonding Set (Php470)
  • Baby Care Plus+ Pink Happy Baby Set (Php450)
  • 310mL Eco Bottle (Php199)

Giveaway duration is from September 27 to October 11, 2017. I'll pick one (1) winner and announce it on October 14, 2017. Winner will be contacted directly through his/her social media account/s. Prizes are to be claimed at the nearest Tupperware branch nationwide. Here's the link for the list of branches:
#TWBMinis Giveaway! 

I was lucky enough to have my own set from this trusted brand. Here's my own review of the products so you'll know what to expect if you'll ever be the lucky winner! One thing I like about this giveaway is that it can be enjoyed by the whole family. There's the baby care set, the pocket mists for men and women, a mini makeup palette, and an eco bottle!

Colorfull Mini Makeup Palette Daytime Siren (399Php)
Colorfull Mini Makeup Palette Daytime Siren 

What I like about the mini makeup palette are
  • It is so compact, thin, and easy to bring
  • Despite being compact, you get to have 3 shades of eye shadows, a blush, and even a mini mirror
  • There is an easy to follow guide on how to use it so even if you're not a makeup expert, you would sure know how to use it
If it would come with a brush, this would already be perfect! But you can always use your fingers for a quick touch up. 
Colorfull Mini Makeup Palette Daytime Siren swatches 

Colorfull Mini Makeup Palette in Daytime Siren gives a natural look in shades of brown. When built on, it can also provide a glam night makeup with its shimmer hints. I really like this one and it is wearable everyday for that gorgeous look!
front back 

easy to follow guide 

Colorfull Mini Makeup Palette Pretty in Pink (399Php)
Colorfull Mini Makeup Palette Pretty in Pink 

Colorfull Mini Makeup Palette in Pretty in Pink when blended well, can give nice soft hints of pink on your eyes for that cute touch. When built on, it can provide a fierce look ready for all night party. It comes in shades of pink (except for the darkest shade), with the blush on the lightest shade to give emphasis on the eyes.
Colorfull Mini Makeup Palette Pretty in Pink swatches 

Armand Dupree Rollette (10ml - 245Php)
Armand Dupree Rollette 

The scent of this Armand Dupree Rollette is perfect for a romantic date night. It isn't too strong yet with lingering sweetness. It's the kind of scent I would want to wear to feel so feminine without intimidating. It comes in a handy small roll-on bottle and can easily be applied anywhere. The scent lasts for more than 8 hours (if rolled on clothes) and still smells good.

Fruity Blooms Pocket Mist (30ml -175Php) 
Fruity Blooms Pocket Mists  

I really love the Fruity Blooms Pocket Mist in Blackberry & Bay. It's the kind of scent I would want to identify with -- refreshing, sweet, and vibrant! It gives a very yummy scent that I, myself, would want to smell everyday. Would definitely purchase this again!

On the other hand, Fruity Blooms Pocket Mist in Pomegranate & Green Tea isn't for me, which is a surprise as I really love Green Tea. I find the scent very feminine with strong fruity flavor. So if that is your thing, then this variant would be a good option for you.

Blaze Jersey Pocket Mist (45ml - 245Php)
Blaze Jersey Pocket Mists 

Blaze Jersey Pocket Mist in #21 is described to have "a light scent of oriental citrus". I find it a bit strong, very masculine, yet refreshingBlaze Jersey Pocket Mist in #23, on the other hand, is what I prefer for my man. The scent is described as "light scent of woody citrus musk", which for me is masculine enough yet caressing.

Both Fruity Blooms Pocket Mists and Blaze Jersey Pocket Mists come in handy spray containers which you can easily put in your bag or pouch, spray on even on the go, to keep you smelling good all day.

Baby Care Plus+ Milk and Baby Bonding Set (470Php)
Baby Care Plus+ Milk and Baby Bonding Set 

Usually for babies or toddlers, we wanted to check first what brands of baby essentials would suit our little one's precious skin. So having a baby bath, baby powder, and baby lotion set in smaller quantities allows us to test the product without spending much on full sized versions. These Baby Care Plus+ sets are great gift ideas, and also perfect when traveling! These are also hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.
Baby Care Plus+ Sets 

Baby Care Plus+ Milk and Baby Bonding Set has this really nice mild floral scent that suits both baby boys and girls. With the baby bath, you just need to put a small amount on a wet sponge or hand, though it would save a lot of the product when you use a sponge since it lathers pretty easily. It's a refreshing scent that isn't too harsh. The baby lotion doesn't feel sticky once massaged completely on your baby's skin. I'm not really used to putting baby powder on my son's skin but now that he is 3 years old and is always sweaty, I put it once in a while. So far, we didn't encounter any issues on itchiness nor irritation.

Baby Care Plus+ Pink Happy Baby Set (450Php)
Baby Care Plus+ Pink Happy Baby Set 

Probably, the main difference with Baby Care Plus+ Pink Happy Baby Set is the scent as this has a bit stronger citrus floral scent more suited with baby girls. Though with my son, I use it interchangeably depending on the scent he wants on that day.

Eco Bottle (310ml - 199Php)
Eco Bottle 

Can't remember how many times I've changed my water bottle until I met this Eco Bottle from Tupperware Brands. The usual issue I have are size and leakage. I once had this too big and heavy container just because I like how it looks. When I realized it isn't practical to bring it anymore, I switched to a smaller one where I had some leakage issues. Trying out this Eco Bottle, never did I had an issue with leakage. Not when it's upright, lying, upside down, or stumbled in my bag. I like its ergonomic shape making it easier to grip. The tab on the cap is also a great addition for easier opening and closing of the cap. The 310ml bottle, smallest, is already good though I might want the 500ml for office and gym.
new gym partner 

So all along, there's this handy, light, ergonomic, and quality water bottle from Tupperware Brands. Not only that, they have a 10 year warranty coverage on damages such as cracking, chipping peeling, etc. Glad to find this new partner!

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored giveaway. I was provided products to review. But pictures and opinions are my own.