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REVIEW: Manila Ocean Park: P399 FUNtastic Four Combo Pass (P690 Value) from MetroDeal!

As part of our First Anniversary celebration, we availed this FUNtastic Four promo from Manila Ocean Park. Allen and I have never been to Manila Ocean Park and based on our trips to South Korea and Hong Kong, we mainly watch the shows rather than take the extreme rides, so I guess, this would be okay for us. 

No need for reservation. All you have to do is to present the voucher to claim the FUNtastic Four Pass. Note that there is a separate booth for this located at the Acquatica Pool Entrance. There are four shows, namely: All Star Bird Show, Marine Life Show, Penguin Talk Show, and Musical Fountain Show. All of these, except the Penguin Talk Show, are performed at the Acquatica (left side of the main entrance).

All-Star Bird Show (Wed to Sun, 3:30PM)
"Get ready for a stunning visual fiesta that brings together a collection of birds on one stage. Meet Dazzle the sulfur crested cockatoo, Sassy & Bandit the green winged macaw and many more ' all ready to amaze you with their beauty and intelligence!"
All-Star Bird Show
Raising flag, shooting balls, matching shapes were some of the tricks shown. I was actually waiting for more unique tricks but it fell short of my expectations. Maybe because I have seen much better bird shows which showcase more and even bigger, seldom-seen types of birds.

Marine Life Show (Mon to Sun 11:00AM, 2:00PM & 4:30PM)
"Watch Manila Ocean Park's South America Sealions display their intelligence and charm in an entertaining live show. Not only will they wow visitors, they also have something to say against water pollution and destruction of marine habitats."
Marine Life Show
Though I have seen sea lion shows before, I still enjoyed watching them swim fast, balance a ball using their nose/mouth, and even balance their body using their flippers. They know lots of tricks and it's fun to watch them.

Penguin Talk Show (Mon to Sun 10:30AM onwards, every 30 minutes)
"The country's first talking penguin is here! Experience both real time animation and digital puppetry in this movie theater set-up. Time to interact with Hamboo the Humboldt Penguin! Sing, laugh, and get silly in an interactive & dynamic show for all ages."
Penguin Talk Show
The setup is, indeed and meant, for kids. It's like an interactive puppet show featuring a 3D-generated penguin. Nevertheless, even adults would learn important facts about penguins. Oh yes, penguins are monogamous!

Musical Fountain Show (Wed to Sun 7:00PM)
"The country's first and grandest musical fountain at par with the world's best. This nightly musical extravaganza showcases a mind-blowing display of fire, music, and laser lights, backed by animated marine characters projected on water screen. Truly a one-of-a-kind musical experience you can't miss."
Musical Fountain Show
This is my favorite among all the shows and it is really worth watching! I remember Sentosa's Songs of the Sea, which I was indeed amazed while watching. Never thought that we can have something like this at Manila Ocean Park. Fountains, fire, lights, dancing and singing. It was such a fabulous show to wrap-up my Manila Ocean Park experience.

There are still a lot of attractions that I've missed to see such as the Oceanarium, Jellies, Fish Spa, etc. -- more reasons to go back to Manila Ocean Park!

Behind the Quirino Grandstand Luneta, Manila
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