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Draw Something in Galaxy Y

For sure you have heard about this game as it goes viral over the Internet. Draw Something is quite a simple game, pictionary-like, and all you need is your creativity and imagination. I have played something like this in one of the Facebook games (though I forgot the name of the game) where all the players are online, taking turns to draw and guess. But for Draw Something, each player's turn is recorded so you can play at your own pace. So for instance, I'll start by choosing one of my friends (Facebook friends), then I'll be choosing among the three options (depending on difficulty) on what to draw which the other player will guess. How I drew it will be recorded. The next time that player opens the application, he/she will find a notification and the recorded drawing will play. Once he/she was able to guess it right, it will be his/her turn to draw, and the cycle continues.

Well, I get to know about this application when I have seen several posts of my friend on Facebook. Seems trending, huh... so I got intrigued. Since I have a Samsung Galaxy Y phone, I went to the Google Play site to check this application. UNFORTUNATELY, it isn't compatible with my phone. As I am persistent, I went over the internet to look for a downloadable version I can use in my phone. Aha, I was able to install it! Other than the a-bit-cropped screen, it seemed to be working fine, not until I started using it. To my dismay, there is a big square on the drawing screen and so, though I can still draw, I won't be able to see what I am drawing as the big square is blocking it. So aside from Galaxy Y's small screen for drawing, my big fingers (no stylus), the major problem I have is the big blocking square. A friend of mine sent me a paid version via bluetooth, yet the same problem occurs. 

*I just took a picture of it as I don't know to take screenshot using my phone
There are actually 8 spaces but only 6 are visible to me

There's the big square... so when I draw, I just try to imagine the portion I cannot see

Nevertheless, I still enjoy playing it! It is just quite challenging for me though. So for my Draw Something friends, patience please. Haha!

*I would gladly appreciate if anyone can share on how to fix it. I guess the application isn't really compatible.