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REVIEW: Bacarra Spa: P168 Oriental Massage with Body Scrub (P560 Value) from CleverBuy!

Aside from the fact that it has been more than a month since our last massage (see Shui Hilot entry), this voucher will expire early October, and so we had to set a reservation else it will be forfeited. We bought this voucher for [1] cheap price for a massage and body scrub; [2] they have a branch in Makati, so quite near our place. But to our dismay when we knew that the Makati branch is being renovated, and currently, we have no choice but to go all the way to Sucat, Paranaque.

In terms of reservation, it's a little thumbs down. I called for reservation a few days prior to the preferred date. I informed that it's from a CleverBuy voucher, gave the date, a reference name, and for how many persons. On the day of the appointment, I called to inform that we will be a few minutes late due to traffic, but to my surprise when they said that we don't have a reservation. Lucky enough that they still have slots during that time.

Bacarra Spa has a good ambiance (the sign outside might look old, but inside is still a fine venue). We were given a room for two persons. Well my first impression of the room was, "it looks like a CR" because of the tiled walls and flooring. But don't get me wrong, the tiles were not the plain white ones but rather decorative creating a nice and inviting interior for the room. Then we knew that it was previously a sauna room.

*The Body Scrub*

I love scrubbing as it makes me feel squeaky clean, but this is the first time that I'll be having a full body scrub. Starting from feet and legs going up to the neck. I actually thought that they were using a loofa or scrub gloves due to the friction on my skin (but they're going to ask you if the friction is OK). Then I noticed that it was just the masseuse's hands and the almost-like-rock-salt scrub! But it's OK, I enjoyed the exfoliation. We were then asked to shower to rinse off the scrubs, and prepare for the massage.

*The Massage*

We were given an Oriental Massage, which sounds new to me. Based on my observation, this kind of massage mainly uses stretching and kneading methods. Legs, hands were lifted and pulled lightly, stretched just like in some yoga positions. My upper body was also slightly lifted while my arms are being stretched. Not painful at all, but can indeed release muscle tension. The massage just took a few minutes.

The whole procedure (body scrub + massage) took almost an hour. I must say I enjoyed the "I'm-so-clean-and-silky-smooth" feeling from the body scrub, and the rejuvenating effect from the massage. It was worth the extra mile.

Bacarra Spa
8147 Dr. A. Santos Avenue, Paranaque City
+632 8203758

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**Note: As of June 2012, CleverBuy is no longer operating**