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PROMO [AUG 04-SEP 03 2017]: Rustan's Supermarket: Get Inverted Umbrella for only Php199!

Rustan's Supermarket Feels Like Home: A Health, Home, and Household Fair 

Rainy days are here so better keep your home well stock up with everyday essentials. You wouldn't want to rush to the grocery just to buy shampoo, toothpaste, or soap in the middle of a typhoon, would you?
Double Layer Inverted Umbrella when opened 

Whether you're looking for body care products, food or kitchen necessities, cleaning supplies, or even first aid kit items, you can definitely find them at the shelves of Rustan's Supermarket.
Can stand on its own Dry side faces outwards when folded 

What's great about shopping at Rustan's Supermarket is that from August 04 to September 03, 2017, they are having the Feels Like Home: A Health, Home, and Household Fair.
While the inner layer (orange) has nice dotted details, the outer layer (black) looks sleek and classic 

Along with this is a special rainy-day promo wherein customers can avail of the Inverted Umbrella for only Php 199 for every minimum purchase of Php 3,000 with at least Php 300 worth of sponsored products like Ariel, Perwoll, Mr. Muscle, Feathersoft, Vitapet, and Dentismile.
My son likes it! 

I've been seeing and wanting this Inverted Umbrella and glad to finally have my own. It's pretty sturdy and durable. I like that it has double layers wherein the orange side has nice dotted details, while the black layer makes it look sleek and classic. It can stand on its own so no need to lean it on a wall or place on a rack when wet. And even if you plan to put it inside your car or house when wet, no worries of dripping as the dry side faces outwards.

Grab this chance to have your own Double Layer Inverted Umbrella for a discounted price of Php 199 while keeping your house well-stocked and organized this rainy season! Until September 03, 2017 only!

Rustan's Supermarket

Disclaimer: I was provided the material for this post. Pictures with my watermark are mine.