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Master Hanz Cua: My Tarot Reading Experience!

Tarot Reading with Master Hanz Cua 

Master Hanz Cua may not need much introduction as he is already well-known to many. You'll find him everyday at ABS-CBN's Umagang Kay Ganda giving the daily horoscope, and you'll see his billboards along EDSA. But one of the things to be noted about Master Hanz is that even at a young age, he is already a psychic. He can read people through faces, and see through his third eye. He further enhanced his skills by studying Feng Shui and having training from different Asian countries such as Thailand, Hong Kong, China, and more. All these accomplishments made him known as "the youngest Feng Shui Master in the Philippines and Asia".
reading different aspects of life 

Master Hanz always has a smile on his face making himself approachable. He talks clearly and presents himself well. After giving an introduction about himself, he did a little Face Reading on me. He mentioned that the shape and look of my ears signify comfort and that it would be better not to wear any earrings on them. Wearing earrings is like "piercing" my comfort in life. He also cited an example that Chinese in-laws would usually give earrings as gift to women with same ears as mine. That is so they will not take it easy on life and strive and work hard. This face reading made me sad a bit as I love wearing earrings. I don't usually put on necklaces, rings, or bracelets, but for earrings, I can't go without. I have huge ears that look so bare without earrings. But well, I'll try to lessen wearing earrings and see what happens.
Tarot Reading with Master Hanz costs Php 3,000 

Now, for my Tarot Reading, Master Hanz asked me to select 3 cards, then 30 cards, all using my left hand. He started opening up the cards and read them. Here's the result of my reading (some details I kept confidential):


  • I'm good in handling money or saving income
  • The amount of money coming in is okay, just enough to get by
  • September will be more abundant compared to the other months
  • Money is come-and-go for me despite being good at saving and it is probably due to the responsibilities I have 
  • Be careful with investment as it might fall under wrong investments


  • I'm quite stubborn when it comes to love, that even though I know some things won't work anymore, I still go for it
  • The previous relationship I had should be a lesson for me
  • Take things slowly, and better not enter a new relationship right away
  • There's a way older guy waiting and will probably make a move

  • Health is okay

My Son
  • A good future for my son
  • He is my lucky charm

  • I'm generally okay at work but still lacking at some areas
  • I'm hardworking and does good decisions and move, yet there are better than me
  • Be careful with entanglement or lawsuits 

  • September: I should enhance my skills for more success
  • October: My boss will offer an opportunity. I should grab it
  • November: Be careful with entanglement, say committing to tasks but won't be able to deliver
  • December: I'll have a short travel or be able to have some accomplishments

Upcoming Years
  • 2018: Year of opportunity and blessings
  • 2019: I'll have an accomplishment, can be acquiring of a new property
  • 2020: I'll be able to achieve a long-term goal
with Master Hanz Cua 

After giving a general insight about the different aspects of my life, Master Hanz mentioned that I can have 3 questions about anything. He asked me to pick 3 cards, then 12 cards.

Question 1: I've been in my current company for almost 10 years and it has been my comfort zone. If I move out, will I be able to find something better?
Answer: It's time to move for better opportunities

Question 2: (Sorry, keeping this confidential)

Question 3: Will I have a new love life this year?
Answer: No, not this year. Give yourself some time and focus on your son
Laughing Buddha 

And that's my Tarot Reading experience with Master Hanz Cua. Overall, it covers a lot of aspects of life, past, present, and future. Quite overwhelming at first since I'm getting a lot of information so I suggest you do what I did, which is to record the reading. In that way, when you get home, you can listen to it again and understand better. The readings are not so specific but Master Hanz asks questions once in a while to interpret further the cards. I like the part when you can ask 3 questions. As I mentioned, the first part covers different topics so having a chance to ask questions that really matter to you is very helpful. It can be any question, not necessarily answerable by Yes or No. It can be a question that is bothering you or need guidance with. After all, Master Hanz's Tarot Reading doesn't necessarily mean this is your destiny. These are only guides and our future still lies on our hands and actions.
Some crystals and charms 

Master Hanz Cua's Tarot Reading costs Php 3,000. As you can see in my experience, it covers a lot of aspects such as Relationship, Wealth, Health, Career, a Month-by-Month and Upcoming Years forecasts. I also like that he was even able to check my son's future and other people close to me. You can visit him at City Land Shaw Tower. This is also where their store is so make your visit worthwhile and buy some charms, symbols, or books!
Feng Shui 2017 book Thank you, Master Hanz! 

Master Hanz Cua
Unit# LG-03 Cityland Shaw Tower, Shaw Blvd Cor. St. Francis St. Mandaluyong City
+63922 829 0382 / +632 717 0054 

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Disclaimer: This post is in exchange of Master Hanz Cua's Tarot Reading service. Pictures with my watermarks are mine.