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Master Hanz Cua: The Do's and Don'ts during Ghost Month!

with Master Hanz Cua 

One rainy Saturday night, the last Saturday before the start of this year's Ghost Month, I visited Master Hanz Cua for a Tarot Reading session and to learn about Ghost Month. I'll tackle the Tarot Reading in a separate post, but for now, we'll focus on the upcoming Ghost Month.

Master Hanz Cua is the resident psychic at Umagang Kay Ganda so you might already be seeing him everyday giving daily forecasts on luck, love, money, and health. But this time, Master Hanz will educate us about Ghost Month -- the do's and the don'ts. So let's start.

I haven't heard of Ghost Month before and my impression is that it is similar to Halloween. It sounds scary but gladly, Master Hanz clarified what really it is.

Based on Chinese belief, Ghost Month is the time of the year when the hell's gate is being opened allowing hungry ghosts to roam on the living world and cause misfortune.

Hungry Ghosts are souls that are not yet reincarnated or those who haven't reached heaven yet. They can also be those people who have done a lot of bad things while they were still living, or have caused pain and suffering to other people. Hungry Ghosts are not visiting the living world to scare us, but more of to remind us of our past loved ones and to give prayers to them.

Ghost Month happens every 7th lunar month of the Chinese Calendar. As with Chinese New Year, there is no specific date for it, but for the year 2017, it would fall on August 22 to September 19.

Now that we have covered the basics of Ghost Month, the next question is "how do we deal with it?". Master Hanz gave some tips on what to do and not to do during Ghost Month.


  • DO NOT open new business as it might not be successful
  • DO NOT get married as your relationship might be prone to conflict and jealousy
  • DO NOT move to a new house as this new property might not be lucky
  • DO NOT go on swimming at night as hungry ghosts might pull you
  • DO NOT drive late at night 
  • DO NOT engage in risky sports as you might get into an accident
  • DO NOT travel
  • DO NOT court someone
  • DO NOT breakup with someone as it might be more difficult to move on  
  • DO NOT whistle at night as it attracts the hungry ghosts


  • DO wear red clothes or bright happy colors such as orange and yellow as these drives away the negative spirits
  • DO make your house bright
  • DO go to church to pray for the past loved ones
  • DO make them Happy Ghosts by offering incense or food such as pork, chicken, water, etc 

And there you have it! For reference, below is the Facebook Live of Master Hanz Cua with me as guest, where he discussed Ghost Month. I had fun here reading the questions and greetings from Master Hanz's audience.

Master Hanz cleansing the bracelet 

At the end of the session, I got my very own All-in-One charm bracelet. It is called "All-in-One" as it is for all aspects of life. Master Hanz cleansed it as well and so I hope for good fortune coming my way.
All in One Charm Bracelet 

This and a lot more charms and stuff can be bought in Master Hanz's store at Cityland Shaw Tower.
frogs and stones bracelets and charms 


laughing Buddha money bag 

Master Hanz Cua
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Disclaimer: This post is in exchange of Master Hanz Cua's Tarot Reading service. Pictures with my watermarks are mine.