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Izakaya Sensu: Unagi Festival!

Izakaya Sensu 

For a limited time only starting this August 2017, Izakaya Sensu lets you celebrate the Unagi Festival without the need to go to Japan!
wooden tables, chairs, and panels with blue accent 

Izakaya Sensu lies in one of the "Net" buildings in Bonifacio Global City -- particularly, the Net Park Building. The restaurant captures a modern oriental vibe with its wooden tables and chairs, blue accents, and light fixtures. The place can accommodate around 50 customers, though it is connected to Chotto Matte, where, I guess, overflow customers can go.
seats for group ..or for solo 

The Unagi Festival happens during the hottest time of the year in Japan, usually around end of July or start of August. During this time, Japanese eat more unagi than usual for they believe that eating unagi would relieve them from the high temperature of the day. It is also believed that unagi gives them more stamina to endure the hot season.
show kitchen 

In our country, July or August is already the start of rainy season. So technically the purpose of Unagi Festival may not be applicable but hey, Izakaya Sensu is giving us the chance to enjoy fresh unagi so why not grab the chance!
sushi preparation eel preparation 

Eight (8) amazing dishes using fresh local eel are featured in Izakaya Sensu's unagi specials. And when I say fresh unagi, I meant alive! You'll see them wiggling before they were prepared and cooked.
Izakaya Sensu's Unagi Specials 

Uzaku (350Php)
Unagi, vinegared cucumber salad 

Uzaku is like a mini salad that is great as starter. The unagi is glazed with sweet sauce that matches well with refreshing cucumber, seaweed, and zucchini in sour broth. Simple yet a mix of flavors that will ready your palate for more.
Uzaku Kurikara 

Kurikara (80Php per stick)
Grilled stick unagi with Teriyaki sauce and Sansho - Japanese Pepper miso sauce

They said that Kurikara is not that common in Japan and can only be found in sophisticated restaurants. Here in Izakaya Sensu, they made it similar, if not the same, to how it is in Japan. I love its smoky aroma and taste with nice crisp outside and tenderness inside.

There are two options for Kurikara: Sweet Miso and Teriyaki. I like Sweet Miso better as it is more flavorful -- a balance of saltiness and sweetness. Teriyaki, on the other hand, has lighter taste and evident sweetness.

Unagi Shira-Yaki (650Php)
Grilled unagi with wasabi and soy sauce  
Unagi Shira-Yaki 

Unagi Shira-Yaki looks very simple yet it is with its simplicity that the characteristics of unagi can be appreciated more. The outside has crisp and sweetness, while the meat is succulent and good! I enjoyed it with a bit of wasabi for an added oomph.
Unagi Shira-Yaki Umaki 

Umaki (400Php)
Japanese omelette-wrapped unagi 

This Umaki, or Japanese eel rolled omelette, has a good texture -- not too soft nor too hard. Bouncy, of huge slice, and you'll definitely look forward to the unagi at the center.

Unagi Chawan Mushi (220Php)
Japanese steamed egg custard with unagi  
Unagi Chawan Mushi 

With how this Unagi Chawan Mushi looks, I initially associated it with taho. Although texture-wise it is similar, the taste is definitely different. It is not sweet but more of miso taste with wasabi. Be sure not to eat wasabi chunks and mix it well with the rest to appreciate this dish more.
Unagi Chawan Mushi Unagi Tempura 

Unagi Tempura (620Php)
Deep-fried battered unagi and okra 
Unagi Tempura 

Unagi Tempura is surprisingly one of my favorites. I said "surprising" because I wasn't expecting much from tempura. It has thin batter coating yet crispy. I guess it's really the unagi that made it special as each bite is bursting with flavor. I do not eat okra at all, but with how good this is, I made an exception.

Unagi Bo-Sushi (425Php)
Pressed sushi topped with unagi 
Unagi Bo-Sushi 

Unagi Bo-Sushi is an unagi pressed sushi. Japanese usually opt for this for smaller portions instead of rice bowls when they want to go for a drink. The unagi is coated in sweet sauce though I find a piece too huge to be eaten in one bite.
Unagi Bo-Sushi Una-Don 

Una-Don (620Php)
A bowl of rice topped with unagi 

Speaking of rice bowl, here's the Una-Don. A great way to enjoy this is to put Japanese Pepper. I usually want chili powder when eating ramen or rice bowls, but Japanese Pepper is a new discovery. It is aromatic with a minty a-bit-citrusy taste that is perfect with unagi.
Fruit Jelly (Php95) Matcha Ice Cream (Php70) 

After tasting the Unagi Specials, desserts and some drinks are a good way to go. Fruit Jelly has bits of fruits in it, a bit firm in texture, but evidently fruity in taste. Matcha Ice Cream is what I love more mainly because I'm a matcha-lover. I find balance between the earthy matcha taste and sweetness, plus there's red bean.
Touyou Bijin (glass 90ml - Php375, carafe 180ml - Php750) 

Since I don't drink sake, I opted for their Matcha Chocolate Latte. The cold version is more of milky and somehow overpowers the matcha taste. I like the hot version more as matcha is more evident here but not too strong. Great combination with chocolate and milk.
Matcha Chocolate Latte (Hot - Php130) Matcha Chocolate Latte (Cold - Php160) 

Although I love Japanese food, I must admit that unagi is not something I usually order. But with Izakaya Sensu's Unagi Festival, I discovered that unagi is truly delish regardless of the preparation. Several ways to enjoy it, different forms and combination. Don't miss this limited chance to try fresh local eel at Izakaya Sensu.

Izakaya Sensu
Ground Floor, Net Park Building, 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Izakaya Sensu Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclaimer: I was invited as a blogger to feature this restaurant. I did not pay anything. Pictures with my watermark are mine.