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I Won a Dozen Earrings from Oh My Summer Fun - Pasko sa Agosto!

Pasko sa Agosto is a compilation/collaboration of bloggers' giveaways. I have joined some of these, and very happy to say that ... 

I was checking Oh My Summer Fun's blog when I saw my name as the winner!

Very happy to be its first lucky giveaway winner of these creative handmade earrings. Excited for the prizes!

*pictures from Oh My Summer Fun

September 07, 2011

I was really looking forward to these earrings though I have seen them in pictures. And when I finally received them... my heart melted. Aine is so thoughtful to have it packed creatively plus a sweet note on it. 

Tadahh!! The twelve pairs of earrings, individually packed, nice and neat. I'd like to share this with my sisters and some of my close friends. What would be my favorite? What will I wear today? tomorrow? the next day? Simple joys! :)

I feel really lucky and very happy to have these prizes, not because I now have a lot of earrings to choose from, but more of [1] I'm the first giveaway winner of Oh My Summer Fun! [2] These earrings were creatively handmade [3] I love even how it was presented and packed [4] I get to share this with my loved ones [5] Aine just has a way to make it special! :)