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Repertory Philippines: Get Ready for REP's 2019 Special Production Lineup!

REP's 82nd Season 

On its 82nd Season, Repertory Philippines, or REP, offers a varied yet powerful roster of shows featuring foreign plays and original productions. What makes it even more exciting is that some of the most iconic REP talents will take over the stage, as well as fresh faces who are ready to showcase their passion and talent!

There'll be variety of flavors from the untold story of the first president of the Philippines, a hilarious reunion of a dad and his family, a loyal companionship, and a magical Filipino epic!

There's no reason not to grab those Season Passes!

For ticket inquiries, call REP at 451-1474, or Ticketworld at 891-9999, or log on to

Miong (February 15 to March 10 2019)
Miong, a musical based on the life of Emilio “Miong” Aguinaldo, follows the life of the country’s first-ever president from his birth until the declaration of independence. Born into a middle-class provincial family and confronted by several problems, Miong must learn how to make the most out of what life has given him. Focusing on the figure’s youth and personal life, it paints a picture of the national hero that is seldom shown by history books. Filled with inspiring songs and stellar performances, Miong is a tale of courage, patriotism, and how the most ordinary young person can accomplish great things. 
Director: Joy VirataCast: Tim Pavino, Noel Rayos, Cara Barredo, Meynard Peñalosa, Elver Esquivel

Father's Day (March 22 to April 14 2019)
On an unassuming winter’s evening, Henry Willows receives an unexpected visit from his estranged son, Matthew, and his goth girlfriend, Christine. Still bitter from the divorce that tore his family apart, Henry treats them unkindly. After Henry discovers that Matthew has run away however, he decides to call his ex-wife, Sue, resulting in an uneasy family reunion. When it is revealed that the sixteen-year-old Christine may be pregnant, it prompts Henry and Sue to recall their past, prodded on by the mischievous and conniving Matthew, who wishes to see his parents together again. Brimming with comedic banter and razor-sharp turns of phrase, Father’s Day unpacks its heavy themes with endless humor.  
Director: Baby BarredoCast: Miguel Faustmann, Andres Borromeo, Liesl Batucan, Becca Coates, Rachel Coates
Father's Day 

The Dresser (May 03 to 26 2019)
As German bombs lay England to waste, a touring theater company prepares for a production of King Lear. Sir, a tormented but brilliant thespian, arrives on set in a delusional state. Norman, his loyal dresser, does all he can to ensure that the show goes on, much to the disapproval of the company, who have had enough of Sir’s erratic behavior. As the theater fills up and an air-raid commences, Sir steps onstage as Lear while the company crosses its fingers. A poignant look at age, companionship, and the persistence of art in a time of war, The Dresser foregrounds humanity at its most vulnerable. 
Director: Loy ArcenasCast: Teroy Guzman, Audie Gemora, Tami Monsod, Jeremy Domingo, Robbie Guevara, Justine Narciso

The Dresser 

The Quest for the Adarna (September 14 2019 to January 12 2020)
The peaceable and prosperous kingdom of Berbania is ruled by the beloved King Fernando and his equally loved wife, Queen Valeriana. They are blessed with three sons—all mighty warriors. This idyllic life is shattered when King Fernando is struck down by a mysterious sickness and can only be healed by the song of the mythical bird, the Adarna. Anyone wanting to capture this elusive creature must travel to its home on Mount Tabor, a journey that is fraught with danger. After the failure of his two elder brothers, the youngest son, Prince Juan, ventures to find the bird and save his father. 
Director: Joy VirataCast:  To be announced
The Quest for the Adarna 

Repertory Philippines 

Disclaimer: I was invited as blogger to feature this event.