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Tintan's Pastries: Banana Choco Kape Loaf, Moringa Choco Chip and Assorted Cookie Bites!

Tintan's Pastries 

During this season of giving and sharing, I often receive pastries as gift from generous friends. Because why not? Who wouldn't be delighted to receive yummy treats! So if you're that kind of friend who gives goodies but looking for not-so-usual type of treats, Tintan's Pastries is what I recommend!

Aside from their yummy pastries, do know that these goodies are baked with love by the women of Gawad Kalinga Baseco. So not only you'd feel guilt-less munching their all-natural products, but you'd also feel delighted that with every purchase, you are helping the women and mothers to provide for their family. Talk about the true spirit of Christmas!

Now here are 3 of their products that you might want to consider:

Moringa Choco Chip Cookie Bites (12 pieces - 140Php)
A healthy alternative to sugary snacks, Tintan’s Moringa Chocolate Chip cookies make an ideal treat for growing kids, nursing moms and the whole family!
Tickle your taste buds with preservative-free, guilt-free goodness of all-natural, high quality ingredients like malunggay that has numerous health-boosting benefits in every pouch!
Moringa Choco Chip Cookie Bites 

All-natural. Preservative-free. Locally-sourced ingredients. If those do not convince you, how about malunggay in your cookies? All those health benefits (rich in vitamins and antioxidants) of Moringa leaves incorporated in a fun enjoyable treat! This is the kind of snack I'd like my son to have. And I wish Tintan's had these when I was still nursing years ago as malunggay is known as a milk booster. So lactating moms, there's a delightful way to boost your supply!

Scent-wise, it smells like malunggay but not that strong. It's not the soft fragile type of cookie. There's this crunch on the outside and chewiness as you bite. You can still taste the malunggay subtly, but the choco chunks are great surprises as you munch. 
Moringa Choco Chip Cookie Bites 

Assorted Cookie Bites (12 pieces - 120Php)
Three of your favorite cookie flavors in one snack pouch that you can share… or not 🙂
*No Preservatives
Assorted Cookie Bites 

Three cookie flavors in one resealable pack! Simple and classic, there's Chocolate Chip. Into white chocolate? Have White Chocolate Cashew. Feeling chocolate-y? Double the fun with Double Chocolate Oatmeal. There's a cookie for every mood and craving.

My favorite is the White Chocolate Cashew simply because I'm more into white choco. I love the combination of crunchiness and chewiness, and you can also feel the bits of cashew. Choco lovers would love the Double Chocolate Oatmeal. The base is rich chocolate with choco chunks inside. Bits of oatmeal add texture and chewiness too. Lastly, the classic Chocolate Chip. You won't go wrong with this. Simply delicious and fun to eat. Dip on milk for added fun!
Assorted Cookie Bites 

Banana Choco Kape Loaf (240Php)
A twist to the common banana cake. Try one of our best sellers, our Banana Choco Kape Loaf! Yummy banana cake infused with coffee and oozing with chocolate. You're surely to forget your name! 
Banana Choco Kape Loaf 

Probably the best banana cake I've tried so far! Or maybe because it's not just a simple banana cake -- it's Banana Choco Kape Loaf. I love the combination and how you can taste the coffee, choco, and banana flavors all in harmony. Add to that the moist a-bit-dense cake. Try it and you'll surely love it!

Because of its all-natural ingredients and moist texture, it has a short shelf life so be sure to consume right away. Or maybe it's unnecessary to mention this as when you get to taste it, the next thing you'll know is you've finished everything! That good, ah! No wonder it's one of the best sellers.
Banana Choco Kape Loaf 

So friends, try these special goodies from Tintan's Pastries. I haven't found anywhere else the healthy Moringa Choco Chip cookies and the Banana Choco Kape Loaf. There are a lot of cookie flavors out there but their Assorted Cookie Bites have handpicked flavors all in one pack! And remember, you're not just treating yourself with your purchase, but also helping the women of Gawad Kalinga Baseco. Share the love this Christmas! 

TinTan's Pastries

Disclaimer: I was provided products to feature on this post. Photos with my watermark are mine and shouldn't be used without my permission.