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Zomato x SM East Ortigas: Food Crawl!

SM East Ortigas 

There's another SM mall in Ortigas aside from Megamall. This relatively new mall used to be Ever Gotesco Ortigas. Through Zomato organizing a food crawl, I get to visit SM East Ortigas for the first time.

Together with other foodies, here are some of the restaurants we visited. But don't be limited by these as there are a lot more!

Tawilis with Mango on Spoon (Php 145) 

This is my first time to visit Mesa and glad to discover their affordable and delicious Filipino dishes. The Tawilis with Mango on Spoon is a great way to start your meal. The tawilis is enjoyable on its own and the mango and lettuce combination made it zesty and refreshing. I rarely find restaurants offering tawilis so this is a plus for Mesa. Another favorite is the Laing 2 Ways. I seldom eat vegetables but laing is an exception. Mesa's version made me love laing even more as it's flavorful and has added crunchy toppings.
Crispy Boneless Pata (Php 505) Laing 2 Ways (Php 170)

Niño's Burritos
best sellers 

If you want to go Mexican but with a Filipino taste, Niño's Burritos is the place for you. I say it's with Filipino hints as most, if not all, of the dishes are a little bit on the sweet side. But one of my favorites is the Beef Chili Supreme Burrito. The ground beef is flavorful and a combination of sweet and spicy. Something I would recommend you to try is their new Sizzling Mixed Seafood. I'm not sure if it is Mexican in origin but anyway, I love its sauce that has light spiciness, and the seafood that are deliciously tender.
Sizzling Mixed Seafood (Php 280) Beef Taco (4pcs - Php 200)

Churreria La Lola
Ultimate Mix (12pcs - Php 450)

I'm not sure how many times I've seen Churreria La Lola but never got the chance to try it. But since it is part of Zomato's food crawl, I finally got to try them. There are a lot of flavors and I started with Matcha-covered Churro. Probably I'm starting to get full due to the first two stops that a piece of churro was already enough for me. But I enjoyed the matcha flavor -- not the sweetened type but good. I might have forgotten to mention that I love matcha that for my drink, I had this Heavenly Matcha shake. For this shake, I find it creamy and milky that the matcha flavor is somehow overpowered. Churreria La Lola also has savory selections such as this Perrito Caliente.
Heavenly Matcha (L - Php 150) Perrito Caliente (Php 245) 

D' Bread Kitchen
best sellers 

Just when we thought we're already having too much food, D' Bread Kitchen gave us more! Well at first, we thought we're just going to have breads as the name goes, but no... D' Bread Kitchen has a lot to offer -- salad, pasta, sandwiches, coffee or tea, and even rice meals! But if there's one item I really fell in love with, it's the Pan au Chocolat. It is the best croissant I've tried so far! Chocolate is rich, bittery, while the bread has nice mixture of crisp and tenderness. You really have to try their croissants!
Pan au Chocolat several bread selections 

Baskin Robbins
Cotton Candy 'n Cake Cotton Candy 'n Cake scoop

I've tried Baskin Robbins once before when my son was craving for ice cream and it's the nearest we can find. This is my second time trying their product and they have this interestingly new featured flavor -- Cotton Candy Cake. It's a perfect way to refresh our palate after eating a lot of different food and tasting a lot of flavors. The pink chunks that you can see are cotton candy flakes. The base is cake-flavored which isn't too sweet so just enough to balance the cotton candy taste.

doughnut selections 

Last, but not the least, (and I would really say "not the least" as it is my favorite doughnut shop) is J.Co. My default favorite is Alcapone, and I'm sure there are also a lot of people who love this. But something new to try is their Avoconut! So if you love the tropical flavors of avocado and coconut, you will surely love its coconut cream filling, avocado chocolate, desiccated coconut, and palm sugar drizzle. Iced Chocolate Affogato is something new that I've tried in this visit. It is one of the three selections in the Affogato Series, and the one perfect for me as I believe it is non-coffee (I'm watching my caffeine intake). It has dark chocolate ice cream, which is really good, and chocolate milk. I'll definitely order this again the next time I visit J.Co.
Avoconut Iced Chocolate Affogato 

And there goes the six restaurants we visited during the Zomato x SM East Ortigas Food Crawl. As I mentioned, there are a lot more restaurants in SM East Ortigas to try but I hope at least with the restaurants mentioned, you get some ideas on where to eat next.

SM East Ortigas
Ortigas Ave Ext, Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines

Disclaimer: I joined this food crawl organized by Zomato. I did not pay anything. Pictures with my watermarks are mine.