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Dermclinic: 3Face

Last November 17, 2012 was Dermclinic's 41st Anniversary. I was lucky to be invited in this night of glam and elegance held at Dermclinic The Link. The event was filled with Dermclinic's skin experts, loyal customers, and of course, the highlights of the night, the Brand Ambassador - Venus Raj, and the founder - Dr. Vinson B. Pineda

Dermclinic Ambassador - Venus Raj and Founder - Dr. Vinson B. Pineda

Dr. Vinson B. Pineda is recognized as the "Father of Philippine Dermatology" for his great contributions and professional expertise in the skin world. The technological advances in this field are reflected in Dermclinic's products and services such as the NuDerm Supreme, 3Face, and NuFACE CO2 Laser among others. 

Dermclinic  - with the Father of Philippine Dermatology

It is from this event that I got a Dermclinic Beauty Card, NuDerm products, and a Gift Certificate for a session of 3Face worth 4,000Php. 

Finally, I get to use my 3Face Gift Certificate. 
A sinlge unit for a complete face treatment. 3 handpieces, 3 technologies: Microdermoabrasion, HBLM – High Brightness Light Massage, and Mechanical Massage

*The Treatment*

This is my second time having a facial treatment at Dermclinic. The first was Collagen Firming Facial that I got from CashCashPinoy. You can read about my experience here: REVIEW: Dermclinic: P199 Collagen Firming Facial (P495 Value) from CashCashPinoy!

Only Dermatologists are performing the 3Face treatment so be sure to set an appointment prior to visiting the clinic.
  1. Wash Face - With a provided hair band on my head and a bib on my chest, I was instructed to wash my hand first to ensure it's clean, and then to wash my face using a liquid cleanser
  2. Facial Brush - I was assisted in a room where the succeeding procedures would take place. After placing some cleanser on my face, a rotating brush was used, followed by a slightly smaller rotating brush
  3. Facial Massage - This procedure has always been relaxing especially when focusing on the pressure points
  4. Facial Mask - Facial mask was spread on my face for around 15-20mins. I almost slept with it
  5. Steam - After removing the facial mask, my face was set into steaming for around 10mins. I am starting to get nervous at this point as I know that this steaming is a preparation for something
  6. Pricking - Pricking, as I call it, is the extraction of comedones like black heads or white heads. It's my least favorite in facial procedure but it really helps in cleaning the face. For my newborn pimples, the doctor injected something on them
  7. Microdermabrasion - The use of a diamond sand hand piece allows for progressive and constantly-controlled exfoliation and abrasion of superficial skin -- resulting in luminous, soft, smoother and younger skin
  8. Collagen Renewal - The combination of a broadband light beam and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) boosts collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production, as well as cell renewal, for a fuller effect
  9. Skin Tightening - A computerized vacuum-assisted massage using a pneumatic massager with an elastrometric membrane promotes blood circulation and oxygenation, giving better nutrition and to further enhance collagen production, lifting and tightening the skin
  10. Antibiotic Application - As a final touch, an antibiotic cream was applied on my face and I was advised not to wash/wet my face for the rest of the day

Dr. Molino, the doctor who attended to me, also prescribed some products which I can use on a regular basis. After that treatment, my face felt fresh, clean, and bouncy. The following day, I was amazed and surprised that my budding pimples were all gone! Seriously. Must be due to the injection, or the whole treatment. 3Face is indeed a total package for a facial treatment.   

2F The Link Building (Beside Landmark) Ayala Center, Makati City
+632 856-1972, +632 856-6292