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TRAVEL: 4D3N at Boracay Island (via Iloilo)

Boracay Island, located in Aklan and part of Western Visayas Region, is considered the Beach Capital of the Philippines and one of the main tourist spots in the country. I have been to different beaches and domestic places, but it is indeed fulfilling to finally step on Boracay sands.

*details in this post are based on own travel experience

October 25-28, 2012 (4days, 3nights)

High Level Itinerary
1045-1150 Flight from Manila to Iloilo
1200-1230 Travel from Iloilo Airport to Jaro Bus Terminal
1230-1300 Lunch at Ted's Old Timer La Paz Batchoy; (See review here: Ted's Old Timer La Paz Batchoy: Extra Super Batchoy)
1345-1915 Travel from Jaro to Caticlan Jetty Port via Ceres Bus (346Php)
At Caticlan Jetty Port, we were informed that the boat rides were suspended due to the storm and that the next boat ride would be on the following day depending on the announcement from the coast guards
1100 Received the go signal to sail (Terminal Fee - 100Php; Environmental Fee - 75Php)
1125-1140 Boat ride (25Php)
1140-1200 Tricycle ride to Fat Jimmy (100Php per tricycle)
1200 Arrived at Fat Jimmy's Resort
1200 onwards Rest, beach stroll, dinner at Smoke Resto
0945 Free breakfast at Fat Jimmy's
1330 Lunch at I Love Backyard BBQ, dessert at Lemoni Café
2130 Dinner at Zuzuni
0530-0900 Went to Willy's Rock/Grotto for sunrise, picture-taking, and swimming
0900 Free breakfast at Fat Jimmy's
1230 We went to Astoria for their free buffet lunch invitation but since there are conditions before we can avail the buffet, we just declined
1230 onwards Went to talipapa for souvenir and pasalubong shopping, checked out some dinner buffets in the area, and settled at Bugs Grill Eat-All-You-Can, had Jonah's Fruitshake after
0930 Free breakfast at Fat Jimmy's
1200 Checkout time
1210-1230 Tricycle ride to port (100Php per tricycle)
1230-1245 Boat ride to Caticlan Jetty Port (25Php; Terminal Fee - 100Php)
1245-1315 Lunch
1315-1800 Van ride from Caticlan Jetty Port to SM City Iloilo (350Php)
Stayed at Iloilo City for 2 more days. Had dinner at Afrique's and dessert at Desserts Comes First located in Smallville. Had lunch at Breakthrough before going to Iloilo Airport. Pasalubong were brought from JD Bakeshop and Wewin's biscocho

Fat Jimmy's Resort - This is a non-beachfront resort and is located in D'Mall. Accommodation includes free daily American or Filipino breakfast. Our original booked schedule was October 24-27, but due to the Signal #2 storm in Caticlan, we were not able to ride the boat going to Boracay and completely missed our supposedly first day. Luckily, the staff of Fat Jimmy's are kind (and their rooms are still available) that they allowed us to move our schedule by a day so we were still able to enjoy the whole 4D3N in Boracay. Full review and breakfast menu: REVIEW: Fat Jimmy's Resort: P4400 4D/3N Stay in Superior Room for 2 (P9000 Value) from Beeconomic!

What to do
Though there are really a lot of things and activities to be done in Boracay, we opted for a literally "chill/relax" stay. No pressure and just enjoying the every bits and beautiful pieces of the place

Where to go
Aside from relaxing, we also focused on trying out the different restaurants in Boracay, from budget to a bit pricey, dessert place and buffet. Below is the list and the links to my review:

At D'Mall and D'Talipapa, you will find a lot of stuff to buy as pasalubong. Shirts are 2 for 180Php in D'Mall while 2 for 170Php in D'Talipapa, Key chains, accessories, bags, even swimwears are being sold in the area

Other comments
  • Some places consider late October as included in the Peak Season, while for others still part of Off-Peak
  • There are possibilities of rain or even storm if you plan to go during this time of the year, but definitely no algae
  • Due to the Signal No.2 storm, we stayed at Jetty Port until the morning waiting for the announcement on when the first pump boat will sail. We were like evacuees but the good thing is that the place is well maintained, the comfort rooms are clean, the place is air-conditioned, there are several TVs of different channels, and plenty of room and seats for the stranded passengers. There were also security officers all throughout the night and day
  • If you plan to have a dinner buffet, better have an early dinner (before 7PM) so you can still have a wide selection of food
  •  Why I love Boracay
    • fine white sand, even the seafloor
    • crystal clear water, you can even see the seafloor at night
    • long wide shore
    • low sea level, so even if you're already meters away, water level may just be between your chest and waist
    • variety of environment - peaceful and wild, cheap and expensive food
    • not your ordinary beach
    • a place where you can be yourself, nobody will care
    • beautiful sunset and sunrise, add to that the clear night sky

peaceful early morning

cloudy sky and clear water

the Grotto/Willy's Rock

a visit to Mary

fine white sand


hot wild night

enjoying the moon