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REVIEW: Holie Salon & Day Spa: P249 Lymphatic Drainage Massage (P700 Value) from Ensogo!

Massage time! Whew, this used to be a monthly habit but maybe due to other priorities, months have passed before we had the chance to schedule a massage. This time, Holie Salon & Day Spa's Lymphatic Drainage Massage caught our attention. I guess it's all about the phrase "Lose 10 inches..". Haha! The deal has options for 1, 6, or 10 sessions. We bought a voucher for 1 session at 249Php just to try it out first. 

The vouchers can be claimed at four (4) Holie Spa branches: The Fort, Dian, Filmore, and Mandaluyong. However, most, if not all, are closed during Sundays so I suggest, you call the branch first to check. One thing to note about this spa is their reservation system. I called and gave them the date, and the receptionist immediately responded okay. They would have not noted our preferred time if I didn't inform them about it. No wonder why when we had to reschedule our appointment, the receptionist seem to be clueless about our initial reservation. Worst, by the time that we came there to avail the service, aside from being clueless on our moved reservation date (again), there were no enough therapist to accommodate us. Since the available therapist was a male (particularly, gay), my boyfriend went first while I waited for the female therapist to arrive. At this point, the receptionist was really trying to be accommodating by offering me tea, coffee, or water, to seat on the sofa, or to read magazines. But then, minutes have passed that my boyfriend's session was finished, and I just ended up having the gay therapist so as to not waste much precious time.

Talk about ambiance, I didn't find it as spa-like -- more of an antique-shop-like! The small floor area was even made crowded by big jars and statues, wooden furniture, big mirrors for the salon, Buddhas, and, oh, chest boxes! No soothing music. The receptionist nor the therapist has no uniform. There were few small cubicles for massage, facial, and other treatments. And now, for the massage...

*The Massage*

This is a lymphatic drainage massage and so the strokes used were different from the normal Swedish or Shiatsu massage that I've tried. The attendant made sliding long strokes with medium to hard pressure depending on what you can tolerate. It started with the back, then arms, legs, tummy, shoulders, lastly, head. It was tickling at some parts like tummy and legs. The head massage feels great that it relieved my stress. I wasn't informed that the massage was already done. I was lying there, waiting for I-don't-know-what. I just decided to dress up and when I checked the time, it was roughly 30mins as opposed to the 45-minute session which we supposedly had.

The method that was used has the aim to remove the toxins through increasing the lymphatic flow of the body. And this is where weight loss comes into the picture. A good lymphatic system improves the metabolic rate and makes it easier to burn calories. They recommend having 8-10 sessions. But I doubt if we will still go for more sessions as even the discounted price of 249Php seems to be overpriced.

5059 Filmore St. Cor. Arellano St., Makati City
+632 728-9795

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