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JNBM Amazing Arts: Paper Clay Art

JNBM Paper Clay Art

We always passed by this art station inside Market Market on our way going to the children's playground. But due to the bad weather on that day, the playground was closed and we need to find an alternative to fill up my niece's day in the mall. And this is where JNBM Paper Clay Art comes in.

Since it is our first time to try this, we bought the smallest board size, which is luckily at Buy 2 Get 1 promo for 120Php.

JNBM Paper Clay Art: Buy 2 Get 1

A set includes a 3"x5" board with outline/drawing, 3 cups of paper clay (different colors), 2 sticks (for our case, toothpicks), and an instruction sheet at the back of the board. For bigger board sizes, more paper clay cups and longer plastic sticks are included. We got 3 sets, each corresponding to a letter of my niece's nick name, XYE.

JNBM Paper Clay Art: Apply paper clay onto the board

How to do a Paper Clay Art
  1. Using your sticks, get a small amount of Paper Clay from the cup
  2. Apply the Paper Clay onto the board without covering the outline
  3. Compress the Paper Clay and make sure no space are left without Paper Clay
  4. Let it dry. You may cover it with glue for a glossy finishing 

Xye and I enjoying the Paper Clay Art

The paper clay is made of shredded pieces of paper, which were drenched/moistened, and dyed. It gives an interesting embossed rough texture. The colors are also bright which gives a lively impression on the output.

JNBM Paper Clay Art: Nice embossed rough texture

We finished the other two letters at home. Xye chose the combination of colors and I just helped her in applying the paper clay.

JNBM Paper Clay Art: X-Y-E

It was simple, it was fun! Non-toxic and made in the Philippines. Xye also enjoyed doing it. Now I even plan to create my own outline and use the leftover paper clays.

Xye and her first Paper Clay Art

G/F Market Market Mall, near Playzone, Fort Bonifacio, Global City Taguig
+632 822-3314 
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