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How do Energizer and Nuffnang power your lifestyle?

Energizer and Nuffnang power my lifestyle through… boosting me and my stuff with POSITIVE VIBES! With Energizer and Nuffnang, I know I always have something good to look forward to where I can invest my energy in.

The buzz of the alarm clock signals the beginning of my day. Starting it on time with POSITIVE ENERGY!
Energizer on my alarm clock definitely saves me from being late

Time to work. Being in an IT Industry means being prone to frequent mouse clicking, keyboard tapping, and attending to several meetings -- all at the same time. Add to that is, of course, blogging during spare hours. Multitasking made possible with POSITIVE PRODUCTIVITY!

Energizer on my wireless mouse eases my work

After work is rehearsal as dancing is my passion. An MP3 player and a battery-operated speaker have become my partners to get me into the beat of gliding and thumping, and POSITIVE GROOVE!

Energizer on my speaker means I get to enjoy what I love best -- dancing!

Time to socialize. Dinner, events, movie screenings, and a lot of picture-taking are simple yet effective ingredients of POSITIVE BONDING!

Energizer on my camera captures all the fun and the materials I need for my blog

Not yet time to rest as I still have some minds to nourish through tutoring. Math problems become easier with a reliable calculator giving me POSITIVE CONVENIENCE!

Energizer on my calculator eliminates the hassle of manual computation

I work. I blog. I dance. I teach. I enjoy. As Nuffnang continues to provide opportunities for newbie bloggers like me through their events, movie screenings, press releases, and contests, and as Energizer powers my gadgets and stuff through their long lasting batteries and with no unexpected failure, ... me? I just keep on going, and going, and going, and going with maximum ENERGY and POSITIVITY in life!

Now, that's AMAZING!

Makers of the World’s Longest Lasting Batteries